That 'Crow' remake is finally out of the legal woods

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Dec 16, 2012

That remake of The Crow we've been hearing about is free to fly again, now that two studios have settled their legal differences.

According to Variety, Relativity Media and the Weinstein Company have settled their lawsuit and come to an agreement over the rights to remake 1994's The Crow. Oddly, the lawsuit also involved some issues between the two studios over another film, Nine, but those have also been resolved.

A joint statement released by the companies said, "The parties will continue to work on the film together as planned. In addition, Relativity Media has dismissed all of its claims against The Weinstein Company for any wrongdoing regarding the release and distribution of Nine, and The Weinstein Company has dismissed all of its claims against Relativity Media."

The whole problem started last April, when Weinstein filed an injunction against Relativity to stop it from selling the remake rights to The Crow to any other company. Weinstein claimed that a 2009 agreement between the two gave it exclusive rights to all Crow sequels, prequels and remakes. Relativity fought back, and that's when the lawyers took over.

Now that it's all cleared up, where does a new version of The Crow stand? Well, last we heard, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) had signed on to direct but potential star Bradley Cooper had backed away from the project. Some early concept art showed what he might have looked like in the part, but now Fresnadillo—assuming he's still on board—will have to find a new actor to fill the role of Eric Draven.

Are you happy to hear that this remake can now move forward again, or should The Crow be left off the endless Hollywood remake train?

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