That Darren Aronofsky Wolverine sequel? It ISN'T a sequel

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Dec 14, 2012

By now everyone knows that Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Fountain) is getting ready to shoot that Wolverine sequel due out next year, with Hugh Jackman as Logan. But we just learned the Wolvie sequel isn't really a sequel ... and it won't be called Wolverine 2 either.

Speaking to HitFix over the weekend, Aronofsky revealed the title of the second movie in the Wolverine franchise as being officially The Wolverine, with no number attached to the movie at all.

Not only that, but Aronofsky also called the movie more of a "one-off," and the director emphasized the fact that The Wolverine wasn't a sequel in the conventional sense of the word.

Aronofsky seems to want to distance his film from the rest of the X-Men franchise and what's been done before; and we include here the three X-Men movies, Gavin Hood's Wolverine film (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since that movie wasn't all it that it could have been) and perhaps even the upcoming Matthew Vaughn X-Men: First Class prequel film also due out next year.

Since the movie will deal with Logan's history and time in Japan—where he goes to train with a samurai warrior and falls in love with Mariko Yashida—it may be easier for Aronofsky to set The Wolverine in its own little private bubble.

What do you think? Do you like the title and the fact that Darren Aronofsky seems to want to go in a new direction? Or should the movie still keep its ties with the movies that came before and those that will come after?

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