That Glee-ful Buffy rumor may not be a rumor after all

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Dec 14, 2012

A week or two ago, we told you about rumors that Glee actress Heather Morris was being considered for the role of Buffy Summers by the studio handling that little controversial Buffy reboot. But what does Morris have to say about whether these rumors are true?

The actress, known best for her role on Glee as the often ditzy but lovable cheerleader Brittany, told Access Hollywood that she is indeed a contender for the role of the kick-ass Vampire Slayer.

The actress said that: "They're considering me! I found out and I almost peed my pants because I was so excited!"

Morris is such a huge fan of the Joss Whedon series, which ended in 2003 after seven seasons, that she wants to appear in the movie even if she doesn't get to play Buffy:

"If they make [Buffy] when [Glee] is on hiatus, I don't even care what I do. I can just run through the shot and do nothing, even if I'm not Buffy!"

And we can see nothing wrong with that.

(via Digital Spy)

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