That Hunger Games 100-piece poster puzzle? It's been solved.

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Dec 16, 2012

Yesterday, we announced that Lionsgate, the distributors for The Hunger Games, released a poster in the form of puzzle pieces that users had to track down across the Internet and then assemble. Congrats go out to Twitterer "johnshoward," who solved it within hours of Lionsgate's challenge.

Finding the pieces by following tweets for #HungerGames100 was only half the fun. Assembling the jigsaw by interlocking the electronic puzzle pieces was the other half.

Here's what johnshoward came up with:

And here's the real-deal poster. It's impressive. We're happy to see it was worth the effort.

Thanks to Lionsgate for the fun, and thanks to johnshoward for his determination.

(via Aint It Cool News)