That 'Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin' TDKR rumor is back again

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Dec 17, 2012

Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast in Christopher Nolan's final Batman flick, rumors have persisted that he'll be assisting the Caped Crusader as some version of the Boy Wonder. Levitt himself wouldn't deny that the rumor was true (nor would he confirm it), and now one intrepid blogger has assembled evidence from The Dark Knight Rises promotional materials to prove the theory right.

No one really expects Levitt to be running around a Christopher Nolan movie in green shorts and a bright yellow cape saying things like "Holy Bane muscles, Batman!" But there are many who believe a grittier, modern re-imagining of the Robin/Nightwing story might be lurking somewhere in Levitt's character, Gotham City cop John Blake. Forbes' Mark Hughes is one of those believers, and he's pieced together a theory based on everything we know about the character so far.

First, there's the name: John Blake. Well, Dick Grayson's (the original Robin and the current Nightwing) full name is Richard John Grayson, the John coming from his dead father. The original Robin story saw him losing his parents only to be taken in by Bruce Wayne, but what if he lost his parents and Wayne didn't take him in? He'd have to go into orphan care, and what if he got set up with a foster family named Blake? Add in visuals that suggest Blake has, as Hughes puts it, "some sort of involvement with an orphanage/boys home," and it certainly seems plausible.

Then there's the Batman associations. Like Dick Grayson (in some incarnations), Blake is a Gotham cop by day, so he knows the city. He also seems to have a real interest in Batman, even to the point of wanting to help him with his Bane encounters. He's also seen in the trailers (apparently) etching a simple chalk Bat into the Gotham landscape.

Hughes theorizes that's both a simple sign of Gotham's resistance against Bane as he undertakes his reign of terror, and a symbol of support of the Batman as the city awaits his return, and that certainly seems to go beyond plausible and into the realm of likely. But what if it's also a nod to something else, like the Nightwing emblem?

They're certainly similar. Could Blake be signaling not just that he's ready for the Bat to return, but that he's ready to suit up and help?

So, let's go over all the connecting elements. We've got a Gotham City cop just like Grayson, who could be an orphan just like Grayson, who has at least one name in common with Grayson, who wants to help Batman just like Grayson and who draws a logo that looks a good deal like the one Grayson adopted when he became Nightwing. Could Nolan's take on Robin be a young man who took an adopted last name and just wants to lend Batman a hand?

We've finally got less than a month to go before we see the flick and find out for ourselves. What do you think? Is Levitt Robin, or just another cop who wants to save his city from evil?

(Via Forbes)

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