That Locke & Key trilogy rumor? Robert Orci confirms it's TRUE

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Last week, we reported that wildly popular comic series Locke & Key was possibly bypassing its failed TV series and becoming a trilogy of films. Today we finally get some confirmation.

The comic series, written by famed horror novelist Joe Hill, has been hugely popular, easily becoming one of the most well-regarded and best-selling creator-owned comics ever. Even after the TV series was canceled before it began, people clamored to conventions across the country just to get a glimpse at its pilot episode.

Producers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman know a good thing when they see it. A story where a group of kids are forced to live in a spooky old house with magic keys that unveil a horrifying but magical world full of wonder and deadly dangers? In the right hands, that is gold in any producer's hands. Just because Fox didn't think there was money to be made didn't make it so. Fans wanted this thing! In fact, it was a fan who brought the truth of these films to light.

The question tweeted was "Oh PLEASE say that the rumor about you and Kurtzman making #LockeAndKey a film trilogy is true. PLEASE PLEASE!" Orci's one-word answer? "True." And just like that, the game is back on.

In a way, a series of films makes more sense than a TV series ever did. After all, Locke & Key is a series with a definite beginning, middle and end. Why turn the story into what could have been a seemingly never-ending soap, carrying out plot threads far longer than they should? Now there's a finite amount of space with which to tell that story. Plus, a movie a budget means that we might see some of the coolest scenes from the book done right.

So that's it. Locke & Key, the movie trilogy, is confirmed. Excited?

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