That Riddick movie's finally on again after cash flow problems

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Dec 15, 2012

That new Riddick movie—third in the series that started with Pitch Black—finally went into production in October. And then it promptly went broke.

According to TMZ, filming on the simply titled Riddick was underway at a studio in Montreal when the facility's owner abruptly locked the cast and crew out, claiming that he had not been paid.

But after the shoot was shut down, the film's production company somehow managed to scrape together the money and pay the studio bill. The movie is still having cash problems, however: a number of crew members have also not received paychecks recently, although a source involved with the production says they will soon.

Meanwhile, now that the bills are being paid—more or less—production is scheduled to start up again on Dec. 28.

So why is the movie having these issues? Well, unlike Pitch Black and its sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, this movie is being independently financed. Universal Pictures, which backed the first two films, did not want to get involved this time around, after Chronicles turned out to be a large, expensive box-office failure. So it's practically by sheer force of will that star Vin Diesel and writer/director David Twohy are making this third installment happen.

As a result, you can expect Riddick to be a lot smaller than Chronicles, and more in line with the tight, scaled-down action of Pitch Black—which might just be a good thing.

Do you think this movie will actually make it to the finish line? And can Twohy and Diesel deliver a quality film under these circumstances?

(via Slashfilm)