That sunken 'Millennium Falcon' may be a top-secret Nazi gadget

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Dec 17, 2012

It's been more than a year since a weird Millennium Falcon-shaped object was found in the Baltic Sea, and despite extensive study, divers still haven't figured out exactly what it is. But now a Swedish expert has a new theory: What if it's a massive Nazi relic?

Last month a dive team took a closer look at the object, which is somewhere in the Botnia Gulf between Sweden and Finland, and came up with zero answers. But after studying the information gathered by the team, World War II expert and former naval officer Anders Autellus theorized that, instead of a UFO or a gateway to the center of the Earth, the object is actually a Nazi submarine trap.

Such devices were used during the second world war to throw submarines off course and even wreck them. They were made of concrete reinforced with wire mesh, which would cause submarine radar to fail and lead to crashes. Autellus said the mesh components of the object could explain why divers suffered equipment failure when they swam close to the object, and explorer Stefan Hogeborn noted the structure is located on an important shipping route.

"The area was vital to the German war machine because most of the ball bearings for its tanks and trucks came from here. Without them the German army would have ground to a halt," one expert added.

If the object does turn out to be a Nazi anti-submarine device, though, it's unusually large at 200 feet by 25 feet.

"It would be of enormous weight in steel and concrete. Other Nazi anti-sub anchoring devices were nowhere near as large," Hogeborn said.

So is this mystery solved? It's definitely not definitive yet, but the team is planning another dive soon, so we'll see if they can confirm the Nazi submarine trap theory.

(Via Daily Mail)

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