That puzzling sunken 'Millennium Falcon'? It could be ID'd today

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Dec 17, 2012

Deep-sea explorers found a weird, Millennium Falcon-shaped object in the Baltic Sea last year, and exactly what it is has remained a mystery to this day. But all that could change today.

Primer: A cylindrical object was found just off the coasts of Sweden and Finland in June 2011, and after a few more sonar sweeps, they spotted the object lying about 200 meters away.

Over the past year, theories have ranged from a crashed alien ship to a benign rock formation and everything in between.

A team of deep sea divers, equipped with remote-controlled cameras, are heading to the site today with hopes of figuring out once and for all exactly what is down there.

At least one skeptic, Skeptical Inquirer deputy editor Benjamin Radford, believes the team is going to find a whole lot of nothing.

"My guess is that they won't find anything. They may just find a large roundish rock," he told the Huffington Post. "Side-scan sonar is not a photograph and it can create false echoes, so it's not crystal clear what exactly it is that you're recording. The object that we're talking about is basically flush with the ocean floor, and side-scan sonar is much less reliable for things like that."

Sound off: Do you think the team will bring Han and Chewie back to the surface with them?

(Via The Huffington Post)