That was fast—Rowling says she's heading back to kids' books

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Dec 17, 2012

It wasn't so long ago that we were eagerly awaiting J.K. Rowling's first (non-magical) novel for adults. Now that novel's out, and though it's doing well, Rowling's already answering questions about what she'll do next.

During a rare appearance at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in England, Rowling was once again asked the question she's been hounded with ever since she finished the Harry Potter series in 2007: What are you working on next?

As usual, Rowling was vague, but she did say she's leaning in the direction of more books for young readers.

"I think probably the next thing I write, or the next thing I publish, will be for children," she said.

Rowling's latest novel, The Casual Vacancy, was released late last month to lukewarm reviews but high sales, though not Harry Potter high. Despite the mixed reception, Rowling said she's also still got ideas for more adult books, just not as many.

"I know what my next book for adults will be," she said. "I have a number for children I'm working on."

As for what exactly that next book for children will be about, Rowling was once again reliably vague, but said she has a "number of ideas on my laptop."

What do you think? Will Rowling return to magic the next time she hits bookstores?

(Via BBC)