That X-Men: First Class sequel we've been waiting for is on!

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Dec 16, 2012

The massive commercial and critical success of X-Men: First Class meant we were almost guaranteed to see a sequel sooner or later, we just didn't know when or (perhaps more importantly) if director Matthew Vaughn would come back to helm the project.

Well, we still don't know when, but we do know that the sequel IS happening, and that Vaughn is back for more mutant madness.

In a story announcing a new multi-year deal for 20th Century Fox's Production President Emma Watts, Deadline also reported that a deal to get Vaughn back in the director's chair for another mutant flick was "just closed." Bryan Singer will also return as producer on the flick, and Simon Kinberg—whose previous experience with mutants includes co-producing First Class and co-writing X-Men: The Last Stand—will write at least the first draft of the script.

That last name might seem a bit surprising. We all thought we'd see First Class co-writer and frequent Vaughn collaborator Jane Goldman sign on for this flick too. But of course, the production is young, and we could very easily see her showing up to collaborate and/or rewrite a bit later in the game.

Of course, the big question now becomes just where the next film will pick up. We've heard the possibility that the first sequel could be bumped all the way up to the 1970s, and Vaughn himself has said that he'd like to see the second film open with Magneto controlling the fabled "magic bullet" in the JFK assassination. Whatever the plot, the sequel finally has a team in place to make it happen, and we can't wait.

(Deadline via Collider)

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