That’s one small museum for man…

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Apr 9, 2007

... one giant Moon hoax debunking for mankind.

A small museum in Waponeketa, Ohio -- Neil Armstrong's hometown -- has a display up countering Moon hoax claims.

Museum education specialist Andrea Waugh says claims that it was faked are easily debunked.

Yeah, usually. It's easy to debunk them, but it's hard to argue with a Moon hoax believer about them. Hopefully Bart Sibrel and Joe Rogan won't visit. But I'd love to! It would be fun to set up a whole exhibit countering Moon hoax silliness. Kids could take pictures, showing why there are no stars in the sky. A mini vacuum chamber could be set up with a flag in it, and they can make it wave by turning a crank (and there are so many Moon hoax cranks to choose from, har har). They could try to blast a crater into a simulated lunar surface with a rocket exhaust set to 1 pound per square inch of pressure (the pressure from the lunar lander rocket). A geiger counter and alpha particle source can be used to show how some radiation can be stopped by a piece of glass.

I can think of lots more, too. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should get funding for this. I'm too busy right now to draft up a proposal, but if anyone from the Smithsonian is reading this, I'm available for consultation.

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