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Sep 10, 2008

I appreciate the email I get. Seriously, I do. I appreciate it even more when folks tell me about bits of news, or fun stuff, or pictures I might be able to use on the blog.

Honestly, it's wonderful, and saves me a lot of time and effort. FSM knows I can't even keep up with all the pareidolia out there. So thanks!

However, every day for weeks now I have been getting about a dozen or more emails, Facebook messages, tweets, smoke signals, and psychic flashes about the LHC rap. The same LHC rap I posted about over a month ago.

I know, it was a minor link in a minor sort of post, so most BABloggees might have missed it. So to be more clear: Thanks to everyone for sending me the email about the rap. I saw it. If you want to see it too, it's on YouTube.

I should probably mention that I also saw the website(s) that post the status of the planet after the LHC turns on. That's got it's own post too.

So please continue to send me stuff, as I love it and might use it. But the rap? I've seen it, and now it gets it's own post and everything. You can stop telling me about it now. So the next person to send me that link gets their email address posted publicly on the biggest woowoo site I can find, where I will tell them it's from a CIA spook who faked the Moon landings and is hiding the evidence of Nibiru and has the second bullet and has been conducting mind-control experiments and has Big Pharma in their pocket and alien corpses in their basement and is, in fact, Bigfoot.

And that's a wrap.

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