Thawne is the world's greatest hero, while Flash is dead in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for “Doomworld,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow! 

The short version: The Legion of Doom won, and rewrote history to make themselves rich and famous. The End (just kidding). But the Legends know something is up, and try to fix history. They fail. Thawne destroys the spear of destiny, they’re all de-powered, and Rip is trapped in a toy-size Waverider sitting on a desk.

The good: This new reality ain’t so bad, the alt-Legends, Mick’s crisis of faith, Rip and Gideon

So Thawne rewrites reality to make himself, Damien and Merlyn rich and famous. Which is selfish, sure. But this world seems to be a pretty great place, right? We’re told that super-famous hero and scientist Thawne has solved global warming and the world’s energy crisis, which doesn’t sound so bad for an evil genius. Merlyn is a famous businessman with his family intact (including an off-screen Tommy!), and Darhk is, umm, just magic and alive, I guess? Darhk also made sport of hunting down most of the Arrowverse, and we open with Sara snapping vigilante Felicity’s neck. Which, admittedly, is kind of a downfall for this reality. 

The episodes that turn the focus on the Legion have paid off in spades all season, and this one was no exception. This is a really fun and charismatic group of villains, and seeing them all scheme against Thawne was delicious. Also of note: Even in changing reality, Thawne apparently couldn’t replace Black Flash from existence, and instead opts to lock him up in a speedster-proof box. So, is the Speed Force so powerful and multiversal that not even the spear of destiny can meddle with it?

It’s teetered and tottered most of the season, but the focus turned back to Mick this week as he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake in siding with the Legion. This younger version of Snart was snatched from a period when he was still a jerk to Mick, and Mick finally realizes this isn’t the version of Snart who sacrificed himself and died. This is the version that sees Mick as a dog on a leash (sometimes literally). So, Mick helps the Legends get back together (and takes more than a few hilarious punches for his efforts), and the de-powered heroes give it their best shot — but come up short. Seeing Mick torn in between these two sides, and the heartbreak he feels when Amaya is killed by Snart, was brutal. This is a guy who just likes to burn and punch stuff, caught in the middle of a really complicated ethical quandary he’s just not equipped to handle.

It’s taken a while, but Rip and Gideon really is the great love story of this show. Which is weird, yet weirdly awesome. She helps him bake cakes, and pulls him up from the bootstraps as needed. XOXO

Other good things: Nate’s mom’s sandwiches. That almost high five between Nate and Darhk was laugh-out-loud hilarious. 

The bad: So you can just Mount Doom the Spear? Wanted to see more of the new reality, the basement


A key piece of the story the past few episodes was the McGuffin that only the blood of Christ could destroy the spear. But then Thawne somehow figures out you can just burn it if the heat is hot enough? C’mon, man. That wreaks of plot contrivances. How did Thawne figure this out? Did he watch too much Lord of the Rings and think “Hey, let’s just build a mini-Mount Doom?” It seemed random, especially after the Legends fought so hard to try and get the blood.

Look, this new reality was a legit highlight of the episode. The only complaint? We didn’t get to see more of it. The Felicity cameo was great, but it would’ve been nice to sprinkle in a few more easter eggs. Have Tommy pop by to say hello to papa Merlyn, or even let Cisco show up on staff at STAR Labs. It was good as-is, but there was potential there for even more. With something like this, you almost can’t over easter egg-it.

A weird quibble, but did anyone else notice the basement that Nate lives in has the highest ceilings in the history of basements? Like, that’s a basement with 10-foot ceilings. That just jumped out to me as such a strange piece of set design. Like, basements have low or average ceilings at best. Whatever.

Lines of the night

He said ‘Wait' [in Batman voice].” -Nate

Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to know that Merlyn was right?” -Thawne

Lingering questions

Seeing the gang without their powers, in an us against the world style was a nice change of pace. Yes, they’re typically fighting long odds anyway, but at least they had the benefit of superpowers. Now, they’re jus average joes fighting the system. It’ll be interesting to see how they play that in next week’s finale, with the team de-powered thanks to Thawne’s rewriting of reality.

So, how will they un-shrink Rip and the Waverider? What happens to all those cakes?

Next week: The gang travels back in time to try and prevent the Legion from getting the spear in the first place. Also, my head hurts.

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