The 100 Discussion: Decisions are made in 'How We Get To Peace'

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Jun 27, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

Moral ambiguity and painful choices are the standard for The 100, but "How We Get to Peace" really upped the ante. As the characters we've grown to love struggle to find their places in a re-made world, The 100 forces them (and their viewers) to wrestle with what's right and wrong when the fate of the world is on the line. It hurts, but it hurts so good. We're Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer, and we're here to help you work out all of your feelings about your ships, potential cannibalism, and opinions about algae. 

Jessica: Someone grab a referee and a whistle because war has officially come to The 100. Honestly, all of the backstabbing, murder-y goodness was a welcome change from the past few episodes. It feels like we’ve been in a stalemate for a while now. There’s been plenty of plotting, strategizing, and being shocked at the lengths both sides are willing to go to, but no one’s actually taken action. Of course, count on Clarke, Octavia, and Murphy to inject a little life (read: morally questionable decision making) into this episode to spice things up. And that Bellamy shocker? Just, wow. What did you think of last night’s installment?

Alyssa: Jess, I’m in hell. This was such a great episode, but it seemed designed specifically to hurt me (and Raven Reyes). We’ve got five episodes left in the season after this, and I am just terrified of what’s to come. But for real, it’s time to take some of these relationships from subtext to ACTUAL TEXT. I love a slow burn, but every single one of our ships is killing me.

Jessica: I am right there with you. If The 100 were fanfiction, it would be one of those 77-chapter entries where no ships sail until the 76th update. I still kudos and bookmark the hell out of it, but I need something to keep dragging me along and tonight’s episode delivered on the front. Should we just “get to the beans” as they say? Because we have SO MUCH to unpack.

Alyssa: I’ve stopped screaming, so I’m as ready as I'll ever be.


The Coup

Alyssa: As happy as Clarke might be to have her friends back, I think she would send them all back up to space to get one moment of goddamn peace. She went years without having to plot anyone’s murder! That’s the kind of thing that you cling to. But unfortunately for Mama Bear, she’s back at it with the “killing people to solve problems” thing.

Jessica: She’s serving some real V for Vendetta vibes and slowly but surely, she’s schemed her way into this cold heart. I feel like we don’t give Clarke enough credit, though. Does she make bad decisions? Without a doubt. But it’s always her crafting these plans to save everyone, to prevent war, to protect her people. The girl doesn’t do a lot of physical fighting, but the mental ninja moves she employs to keep her Kru safe are impressive. Gotta love a heroine with a sharp mind and just the right amount of moral ambiguity to see her dubious plans through.

Alyssa: Agreed. Clarke knows how to handle herself, obviously, but she definitely thinks things through. Still, I don’t think I ever thought I’d see the day where she would tell Bellamy to his face that they should kill his sister. Girl is confident that their partnership is ROCK SOLID to think that would ever fly. But I think even Bellamy knows at this point that Octavia might be past the point of no return. As tragic as that would be, she hasn’t given them a reason to think otherwise. Pride over people for her, which is no way to be a good queen.

Jessica: I feel like we should separate the two Bellamys of this episode because Captain Space Daddy went through a coming-to-Jesus moment in those last few minutes in terms of how he handled the Octavia problem. For most of the episode though, his self-righteousness was a huge turn-off. I mean, if you’re going to help your girl plan a coup, stage an enemy’s death, and overthrow a regime, then leave your hang-ups at the door. I need more silence while you’re dragging Cooper’s lifeless body to be devoured by worms, less whining about your compromised humanity. And even though our Red Queen is currently swimming in the deep end, props to Octavia. It’s easy to view her as this insane, bloodthirsty dictator but the way she reacted to Cooper’s death was *Italian kiss* perfect. What did you think of Bellamy and Clarke’s failed coup and how Octavia handled the betrayal?

Alyssa: Honestly, I think they should have seen this coming. Octavia managed to keep a bunker full of people mostly alive through any means necessary, and they didn’t suspect that she might have a backup plan beyond loading the volatile worms into a rover and letting them loose? Nah, fam. They bungled this one by underestimating her. Octavia may be on a power trip, but she’s not stupid. I’m more and more worried for Indra, though. It’s not going to go well for her if Octavia ever finds out that she isn’t 100% Team Bloodreina. But yeah, good riddance to ya, Cooper. Your death was super gross.

Jessica: But, and I say this with no ounce of regret, fully deserved. I agree with you about Indra though. Octavia knows there are snakes in her own garden and she was right to keep her plans close to the vest but I’m shocked that Indra was unaware of the battle strategy. It really says something about how shaky their bond is that Octavia didn’t trust her mentor and oldest friend with knowledge of that backup plan. Now with Cooper’s body serving as the final resting place for our favorite little flesh-eating parasites, I’m left wondering, who does Octavia have that she can truly trust?

Alyssa: I think she’s really isolated herself by not adapting to life above ground. I think Miller is still all in (speaking of, can we get some more Miller and Jackson cuteness again? Please? We deserve something nice), but at this point, I think all of her former advisors are scheming behind her back. Before we pivot away from the backstabbing in the bunker, we need to discuss one thing: the Harper problem. Monty is given all of these great moments of doubt and a job to actually do, and once again, Harper is relegated to the position of the glorified sounding board. “Yes, Monty, of course, you’re doing the noble thing. Of course, you can hold onto your humanity. I’ll follow you anywhere.” Perfectly fine sentiments for a supportive girlfriend, but geez, she is given NOTHING to do and zero agency. I think they’ve really struggled to move her from extra to an actual character, and this episode really made that abundantly clear.

Jessica: I’m so glad you said that because honestly, Harper deserves better. I don’t mind seeing her character used to help Monty suss out his own moral compass but it’s painful to watch knowing that she herself has been given no arc this season. What really strikes me as hard to swallow is the knowledge that last season, Harper was ready to kill herself by just waiting out the Death Wave because she was sick of life on the ground. Now, she’s thrust right back into an environment that made her suicidal and homegirl’s just fine? Six years is a long time but it ain’t that long.

Alyssa: Exactly. Space may have hardened her resolve, but I wish we got to see her inner conflict. Or see her do anything other, really. Speaking of conflict, things are not going well at the Eligius camp either. As much as I enjoyed the Raven/Abby reunion for a brief moment, things really went downhill in a hurry.


The Enemy Within

Jessica: One of the pairings I was most excited to see this season was the reunion between Abby and Raven. Those two women, from the beginning, have had each other’s backs. They’ve been through so much together, especially with all of the Allie nonsense in season three, my brittle heart was hoping for a sweet reprieve for our favorite code breaker. Of course, because this is The 100, instead we got another Raven torture scene. This one felt infinitely worse though because of who was on the other end of that shock collar. If Abby and Kane’s deteriorating relationship wasn’t enough proof that the good doctor is in desperate need of rehab, her willingness to hurt Raven in order to score some pills has me wishing someone would force her into detox already.

Alyssa: I feel very guilty admitting this, but I have run out of patience with Abby. Addiction is absolutely brutal, no doubt, but when you hurt Raven, you’re on my Sh*t List. I’ve been conditioned by other media to assume that love is enough to pull you out of anything on television, but they really are leaning into a more real-life approach to this. I appreciate the realism, but it’s hurting my feelings. I don’t want just tragedy for Abby. I want her and Kane to have that beautiful life that he’s envisioned for them.

Jessica: I am with you, sister. But it just seems less and less likely. Abby’s addiction lasted for years in the bunker — a hostile environment to be sure — and now that she’s above ground, she’s in an even more unforgiving place with really only one ally. I just don’t think her current situation is conducive to recovery. And now, with Kane and Diyoza forming some kind of strange bond, that seems almost impossible.  

Alyssa: I’m honestly not sure we’re supposed to view Diyoza as a villain anymore. An antagonist, sure, but a villain? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m just too easily influenced by the fact that Kane seems to be building some weird trust with her. But she certainly has her hands full again. What’s the deal with her and McCreary? There is a lot we still don’t know about the Eligius crew, and I am ready for a little enlightenment.

Jessica: Right? Diyoza continues to be one of the best “villains” on TV right now. I want to write sonnets to this woman. So often, writers craft these antagonists, forcing them to do terrible things and then explaining those actions away by using the tired excuse of perception. No one views themselves as the bad guy in their own story. With Diyoza, she obviously doesn’t see herself as an antagonist, but more importantly, it’s becoming harder for the audience to see her as one too. I think Clarke’s willingness to strike a deal with Diyoza, despite everything, speaks volumes for how she views this new “threat.” And that quiet moment of reflection with Kane in the meadow left me as fragile as a middle-aged white man’s ego. Speaking of, McCreary’s definitely not going to go quietly into that good night now that he knows Diyoza was willing to let him die at Murphy’s hand right? Dude seems like the type to hold a grudge.

Alyssa: Yeah, I think once again, Murphy has made a Very Bad Choice (™). I don’t think he and Emori have a ton of options, but bringing McCreary back into the fold instead of getting rid of him in a permanent way is going to have consequences. But can we talk about something else? That something else specifically being that I ship Raven/Echo a lot? I refuse to believe that nothing happened between them on the Ark. Not to be a broken record, but they have CHEMISTRY and I am INTO IT.

Jessica: Raven and Echo were the ones guilty of Zero G space sex and no one can convince me otherwise! There’s so much tension between them and it’s all sexual, don’t @ me. That being said, I am so worried for our sweet little cinnamon bun Shaw. He just seems too pure, too good for the world of The 100 and it’s heartbreaking knowing that Raven gave Echo the all-clear to take him out. Do you think she’ll follow through or is there still hope for Pilot Mechanic?

Alyssa: I am really not sure. They have a bond, sure, but I don’t know if something that tenuous can survive the green light to kill. But you know what ship there is hope for? You know it. I know it. Octavia knows it. The only one who doesn’t know it is Bellamy.


His Responsibility

Jessica: And finally we come to the main event. Bellarke shippers everywhere rejoice! If the last few minutes of this episode didn’t prove our mom and dad are canon I don’t know what will. First, let us all pledge allegiance to Octavia, the number one Bellarke stan. She knew what we all knew but watching her tell Bellamy he was in love with a traitor — that traitor being Clarke, not Echo — and then seeing poor Space Daddy struggle to find words before just biting his lip and looking guilty AF about his undying love for Clarke is reason enough to throw myself at her feet and swear my fealty.

Alyssa: Can we call her a stan if she is determined to kill one half of an OTP? I think not.

Jessica: Okay fine, stan is too generous, but she deserves some credit for finally putting it the f*ck out there right?

Alyssa: Yes. Agreed. How many women are going to tell Bellamy that he’s in love with Clarke before he’s like “Oh shit, you’re right?” I feel like it’s time to just bite the bullet and make Bellarke canon. But as lovely as that moment was, we’ve got to discuss the real shit that went down: Bellamy chose Clarke over Octavia. Definitively. I really loved the flip of “my sister, my responsibility" to signify that now he has to protect people from her, and my heart broke for him. But I am not sure what his long game is. He’s putting out all of these fires in an attempt to keep people alive — well, to keep Clarke alive — but I’m not sure this new plan is going to go the way that he thinks. He still has to deal with a camp full of people who probably won’t take kindly to someone harming Bloodreina.  

Jessica: The Blakes take sibling squabbles to an entirely new level. That scene with Bellamy and Octavia was an emotional rollercoaster, y’all. I was a sobbing mess while the two were sharing rations and recalling their childhood on the Ark. I was slightly worried that Bellamy might be eating human flesh – sure it looks like harmless bricks of granola but how can we be sure fam? And then, when Octavia began choking and Bellamy’s face transformed into a mask of guilt, when he cupped his hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream for help, I just felt sure he was going to kill her. I know, completely uncharacteristic, but so is poisoning his kid sister and honestly, the Bellamy we’ve seen this season is a bit of a stranger so anything’s possible. But you’re right. As invigorating as it was to see Bellamy take action this episode, I worry about his end game. He obviously didn’t intend to kill Octavia which means Red Queen will eventually wake up and when she does, she’ll be pissed. I can’t imagine a way that this ends well for the Blakes.

Alyssa: Oh, I 100% agree that those weird bars are people. For sure. I’ve seen Snowpiercer. I’ve been spoiled about Soylent Green. WEIRD FUTURE FOOD IS PEOPLE! But yeah, when Octavia wakes up, there will be hell to pay. Hopefully Clarke and Bellamy will have made out by then.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Jessica: As pivotal as this episode felt, what’s coming feels like even more of a game changer for the show. “Sic Semper Tyrannis” is another Roman throwback and basically it means we’re going to war. Diyoza’s group is fracturing from the inside, WonKru is reeling from the fall of their leader, Clarke’s holding a gun on someone at some point. Things seem dark and nasty and honestly, I can’t wait. Plus, Murphy starts a fire so you know that’s not going to end well. What are your predictions for the next episode?  

Alyssa: Honestly, I am not ready. Previews for The 100 are always intense, but that is next level. I feel like they’re really building to something cataclysmic at the end of the season — I know they always are, but damn — and I am Not. Ready. I just want next season to be everyone happy, healthy, and building new lives in the valley. Is that too much to ask (yes, it is)?

Jessica: Oh Alyssa, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby. Yes, yes it is too much to ask. The best we can hope for is that a few of our faves make it out alive and unscathed — emotionally and physically. Don’t even think of imagining a Bellarke coupling, or a Monty and Harper baby, or Kabby finally getting back on track. For season six, if Raven just avoids another torture scene, I’ll count myself as blessed. But first we’ve gotta get through this season and with war imminent and Bellamy stuck between a group of mass murdering prisoners and his bloodthirsty dictator of a sister, things are not looking good.

Alyssa: So, business as usual for The 100. Onward to more pain and suffering!

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