The 100 Discussion: 'Sleeping Giants' gives shippers the reunion they've been waiting for

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Jun 12, 2018, 11:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Things are never easy on The 100, but at the very least our characters take a few steps toward each other again in Season 5, Episode 3, “Sleeping Giants.” As Clarke finds herself in over her head on the ground, Raven, Bellamy, and the rest of the crew in space take steps to return to their people. Unfortunately, they have to deal with an army of mass murderers in the process. We’re Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer, and we’ll be breaking down the drama, the action, and the fanfic-inspiring ships once again. Bring. It. On.

The Fight For The Ground

Alyssa: WHEW. Ok. Things are happening. While Clarke has been living in her little matriarchal oasis for six years, sh*t has officially hit the fan. The Eligius crew is not messing around. However, this episode does have the benefit of getting our crew back to the ground (or at least most of them), which we’ll get into in a bit.

Jessica: Yeah, you know both Jason Rothenberg and Eliza Taylor have hinted at Clarke’s “Mama Bear” instinct this season and how that dictates how she interacts with people, but damn, girl did not come to play. Unfortunately for her, the Eligius crew is outfitted with advanced weaponry and an equal amount of bloodlust.

Alyssa: I know that we’ve really only had one episode with them, but I’m already pretty interested in the Eligius crew. I was worried that it would be another kind of one-dimensional villainous horde, but we’re already starting to see some interesting shades. Diyoza seems to be relatively principled for the leader of a prison gang, and I think Shaw is going to tip into allied territory before the season is over.

Jessica: Agreed. There are some interesting dynamics at play here. Obviously, there’s tension amongst the Eligius group. Diyoza is a charismatic leader, but I can’t imagine the type of steel one needs to effectively govern a ship-full of mass murderers. McCreary seems straight-up insane and Shaw’s good-cop routine has me worried for his life expectancy on the show.

Alyssa: True. How many temporary allies have died bloody deaths on this show? More than I care to remember. And yeah, McCreary’s cartoonish evil doesn’t interest me. I hope Clarke kills him quickly and we can move on.

Jessica: Question: Do you think Diyoza can be reasoned with?

Alyssa: That’s an interesting question. While she seems semi-rational, I also think she may have a single-minded focus: to keep her people alive no matter the cost. She doesn’t seem like one to cede any ground to the benefit of anyone else.

Jessica: Accurate assessment. And while I know how badass Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, and the rest of the group can be, I also feel like, for the first time, they’re battling an enemy far more advanced than they are. The Grounders had experience in war but lacked the technology. The Mountain Men had the technology but were restricted in how they could fight off Arkadia and everyone else. The Eligius prisoners have amassed decades of experience killing and overthrowing fascist regimes as Diyoza says. Plus, they have sonic blasters and shock collars. That’s a game changer, no?

Alyssa: Yeah, they definitely have a leg up in tech and experience. Plus, anyone getting out of that bunker is going to have to adjust to “real life” again, and that is not going to be an easy process. Coming back to the surface and seeing it occupied by an enemy force AGAIN? That is going to be a rough realization. It was kind of fun to see Clarke on her toes, though. We usually see her in survival mode, so it was interesting to see how crafty she is when dealing with enemies again. At least until they broke out the shock collar.

Jessica: Yeah, these prisoners are going to be a real blow to the morale of the bunker crew but I think, out of everyone, Clarke is the most capable of handling Diyoza and the specific kind of threat she poses. Octavia’s hot-headed, Bellamy seems to have transitioned into a sort of pacifist, so once again, it may be up to Clarke to negotiate a peace or, you know, pull a lever and kill hundreds of people. Whatever the day brings.


The Spaceship Hijacking

Alyssa: Speaking of Bellamy, things aren’t going particularly well in space either. Yes, they managed to leave their old ship behind (RIP algae fields), but Eligius IV certainly wasn’t what they were expecting.  

Jessica: So much went down in their short journey to the Eligius spacecraft. First, there was mention of space sex when Raven discovered the ship had a gravitational pull. I need to know the mechanics of that and also if that’s something Monty and Harper attempted because they looked cat-ate-the-canary guilty. Second, Emori is a bad-ass space pilot now which I fully support, but Murphy’s back-seat driving was all kinds of annoying. I love how this episode subtly delved into the bonds of SpaceKru.

Alyssa: It really does seem like six years in space was really make-or-break for the couples going into it. I mean, there isn’t a lot to do on that ship, so either you make the best of it, like Monty and Harper who definitely had gravity-defying sex at some point, or you take separate paths like Emori and Murphy. She wasn’t content to sit around and run out the clock like he was, making herself useful instead. Yas. Queen. If Murphy can’t handle that — and let’s face it, Murphy can’t handle anything ever — he can get to steppin’.

Jessica: Murphy is the quintessential post-apocalyptic f*ckboy, but I’ll continue to hold out hope for him. Maybe Raven can kick his ass into gear. Speaking of, Raven Reyes is too good for this show, too good for this world.

Alyssa: Oh my god, The 100, please let Raven Reyes live. She seemed to be thriving in space with some distance from a planet that held only pain for her, and then she once again sacrifices herself for the greater good. Listen, while there is no way she’s not eventually making it to the ground, I dread the way that it will likely happen. Being stuck on a prison ship with no one except Murphy to help fight off the cryo-sleeping mass murderers is not an ideal scenario. I would just love to go one season without having to watch Raven scream in pain. Just one season.

Jessica: Not going to happen. But I have decided that we should trademark a new drinking game for the show. Every time Raven Reyes saves the world, you take a shot. It’s guaranteed to get you white girl wasted within the first five minutes of every episode.

Alyssa: Truly. You’d black out every time. But once again our girl takes one for the team and lies to Bellamy in the process. Surely he’s going to find out? Or do you think she’ll find another method of getting to Earth before he puts two and two together?

Jessica: Raven is an Einstein-level genius so I have faith that she’d find a way down, but I just don’t envision her return to Earth as a happy one. There was too much time spent debating the fate of those cryo-prisoners that they don’t play a role in her trip to the ground and I can't imagine that those sleeping beauties will be particularly happy to be woken up by two strangers, one of whom is a sarcastic space-rat named Murphy. The cryo-crisis did bring up an interesting point for me though, namely, what did you think of how Bellamy handled the situation?

Alyssa: Girl, my Bellarke shipping heart was LIVING. Between the fact that Madi recognized him from Clarke’s drawings and stories (Clarke clearly has zero chill and I love it) and that Clarke was worth the lives of nearly 300 very useful bargaining tools to Bellamy, I was a fan. My skin was clear, my crops were watered, my credit score rose 10 points. By now, I should know that these smaller Bellarke moments are all we’re going to get for a while, but I have learned to be content with my scraps for now.

Jessica: There were so many times I thought the reveal that Clarke survived would happen but having it be Madi that immediately recognized Bellamy and recruited him to help save Clarke — my little post-apocalyptic family is back together again and the feels cannot be contained. Bellamy riding in on the rover like a bearded, Henley-wearing knight in shining armor has ruined me for all other men. If you’re not willing to come save my ass from being shock-collared by mass murderers, just don’t swipe right at all.

Alyssa: Amen. That beard and Henley combo is powerful. Add into that the can-do Blake spirit, and Clarke doesn’t stand a chance. But for the most part, I’m just glad that these two will be back as a team again. First and foremost, they work so well together and bring out the best in each other. They are truly humanity’s best shot at this point. So, how would you say things are looking for our faves going forward after this week’s roller coaster?


Where Do We Go From Here?

Jessica: I’ll be honest, my emotional state is definitely compromised at this point. I’ve already put a batch of double chocolate fudge brownies in the oven to help mend the rip in my soul caused by this episode. They’re the Ghirardelli brand that I save for special occasions, and by special occasions, I mean any time I feel the inescapable urge to eat my feelings with a blend of premium chocolate that makes me feel bougie AF and understood in a way only rich baked goods can. I’m #blessed to see my faves together again, and this episode just reinforced my love for Clarke, Raven, and especially Bellamy, who I feel doesn’t get enough credit but was truly allowed to shine here. Sadly, I’ve come to learn that when The 100 writers giveth, they also taketh away. I trust them less than I do our own government at this point, at that’s really saying something. What about you? Where do you think we go from here?

Alyssa: Thank you for informing me of your brownie stash. I’ll be over in 20 with multiple bottles of wine. It always does seem that the second that things start looking up, a new wrench is thrown into whatever semblance of a plan that the group has formed. There is no way that this trade with Eligius goes off without a hitch, and even if that is sorted, opening up the bunker is going to be rough. Throwing these groups all together is going to be a volatile mix for sure. While I don’t trust the writers to not wound me deeply with their choices, I do trust them to make the most interesting plot decisions. As much as I want my children safe, I also want this show to run for a while, and that requires drama. Lots of it. So I hope you have a few more brownie mixes in your pantry because this season is going to earn every single pan.

Jessica: Bring on the feels, and bring on the pounds, The 100 writers.


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