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The 100 reveals landing crew in first look for season 6 at NYCC

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Oct 6, 2018, 7:04 PM EDT

The 100’s season five finale left us reeling. The CW's beloved sci-fi series discovered a new planet(?!) and traveled through time 100 years thanks to cryogenic freezing(!!?!?). So yeah, a lot is changing and this chapter in its heroes’ lives is definitely over, while a new and even crazier one is about to begin.

And how will new character Russell (JR Bourne), a new faction leader destined to become romantically entangled with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), come into play? 

After a preview video closing out the old season and preparing fans for the new one, the panel turned it over to a Q&A with stars Taylor and Bob Morley, who were joined by executive producer Jason Rothenberg.

First, both Taylor and Morley said that the new planet brings "a new energy" to the long-running series.

"It's fully realized, with a new culture the landing party will need to adapt to," said Rothenberg, who added that "they are the aliens," when referring to the show's heroes. 

They also showed a couple of slides from the new season, which showed the landing party decked out in all leather, with the beachy-looking new planet. "There's a new feature of the planet that makes the night look different," teased Rothenberg. 

The panel also teased that Morley's performance in the season's second episode will be unlike anything he's done before, and will also be behind the camera as well. This inspired Taylor to petition to direct an episode of her own, saying that after being in front of the camera for 18 years that "it's time" for her to sit in the director's chair. 

Finally, Rothenberg did address the whereabouts of Macallan (Shawn Mendes), telling the crowd that he's in "deep cryo."

The 100 will return to The CW sometime next year. Since that's still a ways off, be sure to check out SYFY WIRE’s full coverage of NYCC 2018, including up-to-the-minute news, exclusive interviews, and videos.