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The 16 old Disneyland and Disney World rides and attractions we miss the most

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Jul 13, 2018, 3:41 PM EDT (Updated)

Last month, the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts introduced two new lands, both of which took over pre-existing areas: Pixar Pier at Disneyland's Disney California Adventure took over what was once called Paradise Pier, and Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando took over part of the theme park that had been dedicated to a backlot tour and automotive stunt show. Both are a massive improvement.

Though change is the watchword with the Disney theme parks, which will soon introduce massive new Star Wars-themed expansions, sometimes that means that beloved attractions have to say goodbye. Here are some of the long-gone attractions we miss the most (though some of them still operate at one park or the other).


Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Magic Kingdom)

Yes, the original Mr. Toad's Wild Ride — which climaxes, literally, in Hell — is still at Disneyland. But when it got replaced at Walt Disney World by Winnie the Pooh, fans were so mad that they protested. Sometimes, there's just no improving on the original.


PeopleMover (Disneyland)

You don't have to wonder what Disneyland's PeopleMover was like; the track on which the ride took place is still visible to anyone walking in Tomorrowland. That makes it even more frustrating that Disney has let the track lie dormant for so long.


Carousel of Progress (Disneyland)

The two-story space that housed Disneyland's original Carousel of Progress is now used for a Star Wars meet-and-greet area and exhibit. The ride, which first appeared at the World's Fair in 1964, is still operating in Disney World.

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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disneyland's California Adventure)

This recent removal is one of the most vexing. This used to be a wonderful Old Hollywood throwback and has been replaced by Guardians of the Galaxy. Nothing against those heroes, but it's quite the comedown from the original attraction's charm.


Country Bear Jamboree (Disneyland)

This Audio-Animatronic show featuring Southern-fried bears singing country songs lives on at the Magic Kingdom. Eagle-eyed riders on the Winnie the Pooh dark-ride that replaced the Jamboree can spot three of the show's characters in the back of one scene as a tribute.


Studio Backlot Tour (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

When this park opened, it featured an extensive backlot tour to what used to be a fully functioning movie studio. When it closed, the movie studio had closed so this tour felt like an unfortunate relic. This ride, sadly, had to go.


The Great Movie Ride (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Once, The Great Movie Ride was this park's visual icon; just a few years ago, Disney teamed with Turner Classic Movies to give this attraction new life. Now, it's another sign that Disney's Hollywood Studios is more interested in the future than the past.


Maelstrom (Epcot)

Though Frozen isn't set in Norway, it has a major presence in Epcot's Norway pavilion. The Frozen Ever After boat ride takes the place of the haunting Maelstrom; it's the same track system and vehicle, just with a new coat of paint.

Universe of Energy

Universe of Energy (Epcot)

Guardians of the Galaxy has also kicked out a great Epcot attraction. The Universe of Energy was a 45-minute mix of dark ride and movie in depicting historical energy sources. The most recent version was inarguably dated, but at least it had to do with… y'know, energy.

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The Magic of Disney Animation (Hollywood Studios)

The Magic of Disney Animation once felt novel, themed to the medium that made Disney a household name. But before it closed in 2015, this lost its luster after an in-show movie featuring Robin Williams was replaced with a brief look at Mulan.


Snow White's Scary Adventures (Magic Kingdom)

There weren't any fan protests when Snow White's Scary Adventures closed at the Magic Kingdom. However, the loss of a dark ride themed to Disney's first animated film feels like the company shifting away from the history that helped it become a powerhouse, though a Seven Dwarves Mine Train did open in the last few years.


Skyway (Disneyland and Magic Kingdom)

Once, you could ride in the sky throughout the Disney theme parks. But for safety, the Skyway between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland is now a distant memory, though the quaint idea of sailing over the two lands would be a nice throwback now.


Innoventions (Disneyland)

After the Carousel of Progress, there was Innoventions at Disneyland. This did decently at utilizing the two-story space, even if the technology on display should have been updated more often. Considering what Tomorrowland used to be, it's sad that this is gone.


Honey, I Shrunk the Audience (Disneyland)

Disneyland's Tomorrowland has a theater that just shows seasonal movie previews. Before, this space played this interactive 3D film starring Rick Moranis as the hapless inventor who keeps shrinking and expanding people.


Muppet-Vision 3D, Disneyland (Disneyland's California Adventure)

This one hurts a lot. Muppet-Vision 3D is still available at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but was removed at DCA in favor of... seasonal movie previews. It's a big downgrade from the charming, fast-paced humor evinced by the original Muppets.


It's Tough to Be a Bug (Disneyland California Adventure)

Just a few months ago, this short film with some creepy-crawly interactive elements was closed to make way for a Marvel-themed land. A full area themed to A Bug's Life doesn't make a lot of sense now, but this movie was its highlight.