The 17 most mind-blowing, scary toys at New York Comic Con

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Nov 20, 2017, 12:35 PM EST (Updated)

New York Comic Con is one of the few places in the universe where adults are actually encouraged to play with toys. And not just toys, but awesome stuff like massive LEGO Pokemon, designer toys that glow in the dark, and plush things that may or may not have tentacles.

The 2017 NYCC show floor was crawling with everything from skate decks to superheroes. The sheer number of variants that can be done on one comic character is enough to burn out a few brain cells. There were action figures, purposely disproportionate action figures, scale figures, life-size busts, playsets that are meant to be shown off more than played with, and mashups with either something in the same universe or an entirely different fandom—in any one of these forms.

If you weren’t there and are in search of more potential additions to your shrine of geekdom, read on!


Frombie Mummy Kami

In a pre-apocalyptic world in which zombie fandom is foaming at the mouth, Frombies are the insanely cute answer to those rotting brain-hungry things that bite and moan on TV. They emerged from the gray matter of Adam Litvak, who wanted to create a new undead species of friendly zombies (get it?) that weren’t quite so terrifying. The characters even have their own backstories. Mummy Kami isn’t just your typical zom-thing gone kawaii, either—she glows in the dark.


Triforce Batman Arkham Knight

Every law-abiding Gotham citizen needs a Batman done completely in black. Because he’s that much more threatening in monochrome. The detail of his Batsuit and the miniature city of Gotham above which he stands guard are just as insane as everything else Triforce does, even in total darkness. The combination of matte and glossy finishes makes features like his mask and symbol really stand out, like the Bat-Signal in a starless sky. This limited-edition Dark Knight really is the night.


Mezco Toyz Talking Scarred Chucky Doll

This is quite possibly the most horrifyingly real Chucky you can find outside of Child’s Play, and you can tell he wants to be your friend because he has ulterior motives (check out that bloody knife). Everything from the scars to the battered overalls to the deceptively rainbow-striped sweater is straight out of the movie, and that evil grin makes you think he’s going to plunge that knife into you if you so much as blink. And it talks. You can’t expect anything less from the makers of Living Dead Dolls


Pop Culture Shock Cthulhu

He waits dreaming…until he explodes from the eldritch depths of R’lyeh and unleashes his storm-inducing, tentacle-writhing, shipwrecking wrath. Cthulhu cultists and mere mortals alike will want this eerily realistic version of the thing that spawned from H.P. Lovecraft’s brain. The detail is just mind-blowing, from those evil eyes contemplating mass destruction down to the suckers on the tentacles. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.


Funko Hikari Night King

Just look at that face. He’s ready to smash glaciers. That gunmetal finish makes him look as if he merged himself with the Iron Throne and is now ready to ride his ice dragon over Westeros and put the Seven Kingdoms into a deep freeze. If you’re not into gunmetal, there is also a color variant, an icy blue variant, and a possibly blasphemous—wait for it—glittery neon rainbow variant


Martian Toys Antimony Custom

Martian Toys may just be the most awesome designer toy company in the universe next to KidRobot, because of the insanely unique and wildly creative brains behind their artist collaborations that are clearly from another planet (and I mean this in the best possible way). Things with extra eyes and appendages were crawling all over the shelves of their out-of-this-world booth at Comic Con. This one-off dreamed up by Sabrina Elliott now resides on my shelf because glitter and blood.


The Tinker’s Packs Draccus Plushie

From the imagination of fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss comes the plush subspecies of the dragon (detailed in The Mating Habits of the Common Draccus by Devan Lochees) that nearly torched Kvothe and Denna in The Name of the Wind. This one is much cuddlier than its scaly cousin, not to mention much less dangerous. The best part is that all proceeds from this creature and everything else on The Tinker's Packs go to Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders charity, which does magical things for those in need in the Four Corners and beyond.


Sideshow x Marvel Venom Premium Format

With dagger teeth, a whiplash tongue, enormous talons and a textured finish that almost makes him appear covered in alien slime, Marvel’s Symbiote-bonded antihero looks just about ready to have you for dessert. This incredible 3-D manifestation of Spider-Man’s nemesis is just one of the villains in Sideshow’s Spider-Man rogues gallery, which is also infested by Carnage, Black Cat and Green Goblin. He’s so lifelike that you could question the safety of con-goers if he wasn’t contained in glass.


Little Lazies Lucky Chew

From Leah Lazy, maker of those insanely cute mini-monsters otherwise known as Little Lazies, comes Chewbacca as you’ve never seen him—posing as a maneki neko or lucky cat. Whether or not the the furball of good fortune will actually bring you luck if you’re trying to dodge enemy laser beams while gunning the Millennium Falcon through space is questionable. Even if he can’t, he might be the most adorable thing that exists in a galaxy far, far away (next to the Porgs).

Pssssst—DKE Toys still has a few of these super-limited-edition furballs left! Send them a hologram via droid or email them at if you want to get your hairy hands on one.


Diamond Select Toys DC Vinimates

Something like the spawn of superheroes (or supervillains) and LEGO, these ultra-compact Vinimate versions amazingly translate every fragment of badass in the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel and more to 4-inch vinyl action figures that are ready to unleash all their powers. Wonder Woman is wielding her spear, Aquaman is riding a wave with his trident, Superman has his iconic curl even after all that soaring and swooping, and Joker looks like he’s inaudibly cackling at something.


Tentacle Kitty

Is there anything more awesome than a cat-thulhu? How about a cat-thulhu with its own comic and plush mascot? Creators John and Raena Merritt were (obviously) inspired by an unnatural love of Lovecraft to bring this ten-tentacled feline, who feeds on cotton candy mice and has tiny paw prints on the undersides of her tentacles instead of suckers, into being. The Pink One glows with bioluminescent purple stripes after a sugar rush, and she’ll even be starring in her own movie.


Mezco Toyz Bride of Chucky Mask

In case you’d rather be Chucky than just have him terrorizing random people with a knife, putting this on makes transforming into the vinyl terror child’s play. It’s as if someone literally peeled off that dreadful doll’s face down to every last scar. Just tell any potential victims that you want to be their best friend, and they may or may not believe you. All you need now is a striped sweater, tattered overalls, and of course, a (plastic) knife covered in (fake) blood.


Teddy Scares

For someone who was never a fan of teddy bears (please don’t kill me), these literally got me in the jugular. Was it the fangs? The removable brain on the zombie? Teddy Scares are what happens when teddy bears end up in the trash and reanimate. The detachable head on the bride? Leatherface? By the way, the bride’s name is Annabelle Wraithia. There couldn’t possibly be a more appropriate name for such a creature in this realm or the realm of the dead.


Cryptozoic DC TeeKeez

If this warped Tiki Joker isn’t the most nightmare-inducing version of him in Gotham or anywhere else, I don’t know what is. Only your undertaker knows for sure. The exaggerated jaws and teeth make Puddin’ and Harley look even more nefarious, and while those two are creepy enough in this form, the tropical madness doesn’t stop at villians. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have also been Tiki-fied into some of the scariest superheroes ever. 


Santa Cruz x Garbage Pail Kids Blind Bag Skateboard Decks

‘80s kids, skaters and anyone else who wants something radical to shred the pavement on (or hang on your wall), you need this collab between Santa Cruz Skateboards and Garbage Pail Kids. This is their first run of blind bag skate decks ever, and did I mention the bag is a radioactive pink? You could get any one of 9 different styles, and yours could be metallic, nuclear glow-in-the-dark, prismatic puke…kind of like those stickers you collected back then, but way cooler.


Diamond Select Toys Cthulhu Vinimate

For all you cultists seeking a more portable idol, Cthulhu has surfaced from the depths in Vinimate form—4 inches of pure terror and tentacles. His stature doesn’t make him any less nightmarish. Those claws could just sink into your flesh any second. Summon him to guard your Necronomicon or coffee mug or anything else that unwelcome hands are likely to touch, but just make sure you offer a blood sacrifice first or he might come for you in the night. 


Batman Cowl Full Scale Replica

Yes, now you can have a full-scale Bat-bust on display—if you can actually find this limited edition, which sold out since the con because it is just that awesome. Triforce’s take on the Caped Crusader is 35 pounds of vigilante justice with working LED effects (I am not making this up) that put you right in the Batcave. Seeing this thing in person is so much like confronting the hero himself that Joker fans will suddenly find themselves having an insatiable desire to kill the Batman.

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