The 19 things we want most in 2019

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Dec 26, 2018, 1:00 PM EST

Well, 2018 sure was a year, wasn't it? At least, we have been told it was a year. We're fairly certain it was actually an eternity we will never escape from and definitely a Jacob's Ladder scenario. Against all odds, 2019 is (allegedly) on its way. Despite its many horrors, 2018 actually gave us so much enjoyment. But 2019 has plenty of room to do better.

With that in mind, we asked our fellow FANGRRLS what they most want to see in 2019. From Kamala Khan taking over the MCU to one precious dance between two star-crossed lovers, here's what we hope 2019 brings us.

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Top stories

A gay superhero. Anyone will do.

Enough with the “hinting” and the baiting and the damn back-pedaling, it’s time Marvel (and its parent company Disney) gave the people what they want: an openly gay Marvel character on screen. Sure, Fox’s Deadpool 2 flirted with a couple of openly queer characters, most notably Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and if we squinted real-hard, Valkyrie’s sexuality seemed fluid in Thor: Ragnarok, but next year, wouldn’t it be nice to sit through a blockbuster superhero flick that really committed to representation? I’m not talking about blink-and-you’ll-miss-it innuendos or characters whose sexuality must be defined in interviews with directors after-the-fact, I’m talking about loud, proud, flag-waving icons. There are plenty to choose from in the Marvel-verse and it’s about damn time they get their due if only because, come 2019, audiences won’t be mollified by piss-poor excuses. We want results and by results, we mean non-hetero pairings. I now propose we shame Disney until they give in to our demands. - Jessica Toomer


A Punisher/Riverdale crossover

Yes, this actually did happen in the comics back in 1994. It was written by Batton Lash with art by Stan Goldberg, John Buscema, and Tom Palmer in a joint publication from Archie Comics and Marvel Comics. In the event comic, Punisher thinks Archie is his intended target, but ends up helping him save Veronica. (We’d like to see this the other way around, of course. Veronica would definitely be the one saving Archie-kins. Heck, Punisher would probably be going after Veronica’s father anyway. Come on, it practically writes itself! Let’s all pray to the comics gods for this. You know who else visited Riverdale in the Archie comics series? Oh, just the rock band KISS. Wait, there’s more. Predator did some dastardly deeds as well. This is all just too juicy to pass up. - Jenna Busch


Sansa Stark on the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) has taken a lot of crap over the years, but she has more than proven herself over the last few seasons. Sure, she was a teenage brat with lofty ambitions when we first met her, but most first crushes don’t typically result in this much violence. A lot has happened since her father lost his head; the Starks have endured and lost so much. Sansa has evolved into quite the leader, but she still doesn’t always command a lot of respect and some are still incredibly suspicious of her motives. In part, the writers have not helped her cause as she withheld vital information from Jon (Kit Harington) leading up to the “Battle of the Bastards.” A contrived conflict with sister Arya (Maisie Williams) followed, which had an excellent payoff but was frustrating in the lead-up. At this point protecting Winterfell is Sansa’s first priority, but I would like to see her aim higher. Jon and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) have more of a birthright to it, however, I hope Sansa Stark is the person sitting on the Iron Throne when Game of Thrones comes to an end. - Emma Fraser


A Spider-Women movie that’s as good as Into the Spider-Verse

With the commercial and critical success that is Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we’ve entered into yet another era of Spider-Man movies, one in which an animated film may have just stolen the thunder from its own live action counterpart. While Tom Holland is a joy to watch as Peter Parker, Spider-Verse gives credence to those who think that perhaps Marvel and Sony should have taken the risk of having Miles Morales be the MCU Spider-Man. Miles may have gotten the last laugh though, kicking off a franchise that brings web-slinging to the screen in a visually dynamic way that sets him apart as the vanguard of something new rather than simply being included as one of several films in an ever-building behemoth. So, with the talk from producer Amy Pascal that one of the future projects for this new venture is an adaptation of the Spider-Women crossover that starred Gwen Stacy, Jessica Drew, and Cindy Moon AKA Silk, fans of lady spiders have a lot to be hopeful for. Here’s hoping that the same commitment to nailing the character given to Miles will be bestowed upon all three of these webslingers, who all bring different and exciting things to the Spidey table. It may not land as early as 2019 but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any and all details about this future project. - Riley Silverman

she-ra and the princesses of power

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2

She-Ra kicks ass, and she always has. The old animated series still holds up, but the new one, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is so much better! (Fight me on this.) The animation is glorious. When Adora changes into She-Ra, she’s not all sexed-up. She’s an eight-foot-tall warrior! Her friends are fantastic. The cast is diverse and gender fluid. Catra isn’t just some evil monster for She-Ra to fight against. They care about each other and despite their rivalry, the friendship was pure. Heck, Catra sleeps curled up at Adora’s feet, which is pretty much the most charming thing ever. The break between them is all the more real for it. Just try and watch a single episode. There is no way you won’t call in sick and binge them all. - Jenna Busch


For Offred to burn this mother down

When we left June aka Offred at the end of Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale, she had handed her infant daughter off to Alexis Bledel’s Emily to carry her safely to Canada, before turning around to forsake her own freedom in order to rescue her other daughter Hannah. A huge crew of Marthas had worked in tandem to provide her an escape from the Waterford’s home, and as Boston erupted in chaos behind her, June turned around to walk towards the fire. This is the second major escape attempt provided for June, and it seems highly unlikely that the series is going to attempt to reset the status quo after this one as it did in Season 2. But with a hero moment like that finale, with “Burning Down the House” playing as we cut to credits, we don’t just want things to be different; we want June to go to war. - Riley Silverman


A Okoye/Shuri/Nakia animated series

The women of Black Panther were definitely the stars of the film. How could you watch and not yell every time they kick ass on screen? The best battle on screen was the one in the club, and the stars of that were by far Okoye with her insanely powerful fighting skills, Nakia and her marvelous moves and everyone’s favorite STEM Princess, Shuri, and her virtual driving expertise. There was car surfing! How badly do you want to see this team up again? Of course we will get Black Panther 2, but really, wouldn’t it be awesome to see the women team up? We could have Ramonda in there as well. Maybe we could even explore the relationship between Ayo and Okoye since the flirting scene was cut from the live-action film! - Jenna Busch


An openly nonbinary superhero

It wouldn’t be fair to say that there is no nonbinary representation onscreen in genre. We have Stevonnie on Steven Universe and Janet, who is not-a-girl, on The Good Place. There’s even a teenage character, Susie Putnam, grappling with their gender on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. All three are fantastic characters and it is a net positive to have them represented on TV. But, let’s be real. It’s about damn time we had an out-and-proud, openly nonbinary human superhero. “Why human?” you ask and I’m so glad you did! If all of our nonbinary representation takes the form of aliens, monsters, or information systems, the implication is that being nonbinary is something other species or types of beings do. While that seems to be an obvious conclusion for other-worlds, we desperately need nonbinary representation of human beings—fantastical, super-powered human beings, but human beings nonetheless. And why a superhero? Um, have you looked around? Superheroes are the gold standard of awesomeness right now. It’s time for a caped badass to roll up on the scene fully comfortable with their nonbinary self and knock some heads around. - S.E. Fleenor


A big budget action movie for Rachel Talalay

Flat out, it’s absolutely ludicrous that Rachel Talalay hasn’t been given the keys to a major film franchise picture. Frankly, it’s as absurd that she hasn’t directed a theatrical film since 1995’s Tank Girl. While she’s been steadily working on TV projects ever since, and amassing a resume of projects that any director could be proud of it, it’s time for a studio to recognize Talalay’s talent and give her something big. For three seasons in a row, her work on Doctor Who’s finales proved that she was capable of doing visually interesting work with a variety of tones and styles, on a BBC budget. This year she’s worked on TV episodes for both DC and Marvel, plus she’s stopped by Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and American Gods’ upcoming second season, which proves that she knows how to showcase stories for some of the most popular characters in genre with range to boot. Someone give this woman a Star War. - Riley Silverman


A worthy Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adaptation

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark were a collection of books treasured by children of the '80s and '90s for all the chilling thrills and horrid nightmares they inspired. Decades later, we still remember snatches of Alvin Schwartz's creepy tales and revel in our revolted reactions to Stephen Gammell's grisly illustrations. Could any movie adaptation ever capture the unique thrill of these volumes gave us? We'll find out next summer. Master of monsters Guillermo del Toro has written and produced a movie adaptation, which is being helmed by André Øvredal, the twisted mind behind the marvelous horror-thriller Trollhunter. With the premise of teens seeking answers to a string of mysterious deaths, this adaptation could bring to life the delicious terrors that haunted us as children. And what more could we wish for? - Kristy Puchko


For someone to give The Doubleclicks a TV show

This one is frankly embarrassing that we even have to ask for it. Why haven’t goofy power-folk sibling duo The Doubleclicks already been signed to a lucrative TV deal creating quality and wholesome content for the children? Aubrey and Laser have built a self-made empire of quirky, delightfully geeky songs ranging from topics like a president made out of snakes, dimetrodons, and even more serious topics like not making women prove we’re geeky enough to belong. They have a huge following, regularly sell out shows at geeky cons like PAX and DragonCon, and plus with Aubrey’s banana costume and Laser’s eclectic printed suit collection, they already dress like they’re the hosts of a kids show anyway. They’ve done incredible work utilizing crowd-sourcing to fund their inclusive video projects, and one can only imagine what they could do with a TV budget that allows for puppets and animation to go along with their music. Seriously, someone get on this, or why do we even have TVs? - Riley Silverman


The Return of Saga

After nine volumes that traversed the universe, introduced a slew of fascinating characters, and unfurled stories of heartache and hope, writer Brian K. Vaughan and illustrator Fiona Staples announced they were taking a hiatus from making Saga. This dynamic duo have been turning out issues of this widely acclaimed comic since 2012, and both have confessed it's taken a toll, especially as the storylines grew darker. Some time away is totally understandable! We value self-care here at SYFY FANGRRLS. But, with a heart-wrenching cliffhanger ending the latest chapter of this deliciously ambitious series, we're hurting for more. What's to become of Hazel and her family now? Our need to know grows with each passing month. So here's hoping Vaughan and Staples have enjoyed a break from their sensational space opera, and will return in 2019 ready to give us Saga's sure-to-awe next chapter. In fact, that reminds us...

Alana and Marko in Saga

A Saga cartoon series

Once news broke that Vaughan had signed a development deal with Legendary Entertainment, speculation began to brew among Saga fans that the aforementioned hiatus was actually created to make time for this celebrated comic writer to turn his hit series into a movie! However, there are some pretty major obstacles to that dream. For one, Saga is stuffed with alien races and trippy terrains that'd make a proper live-action adaptation wildly expensive. And how do you tell a story that's already stretched across 54 issues in one film or even a trilogy? My humble suggestion: make Saga into an animated series. Allow Staples' daring designs and striking splash pages to come alive in a medium that won't be brutally confined by budget or the limitations of human bodies. Let unique creatures like Ghus, The Stalk, Lying Cat, and Izabel travel through space without traversing the uncanny valley of CGI. Let a new audience find the beautiful, brutal, and bitter-sweet tales within this series. And let Vaughan and Staples explore how the story might change in a new medium. Even the promise of this out-of-this-world possibility would make us more patient with the comic book's indefinite pause. - Kristy Puchko

Jessica Jones

A Jessica Jones season that’s a fitting end for the Netflix MCU

The odds that season three of Jessica Jones won’t be its final season are slim to none, and slim left town the day that Matthew Murdock was given his walking papers. While the cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cake left the future of the Netflix Marvel shows up in the air, Daredevil’s cancellation after arguably its best season yet, with high ratings, left the writing pretty clear on the wall. With only Jones and the Punisher left with seasons to air before they too head off into the sunset, the pressure is on for our favorite alcoholic private eye who can bench press a taxi to deliver. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a big finale episode that says goodbye to all of our departed heroes, let’s at least hope that Jessica’s final stories are as much of a creative return to first season form as Daredevil’s were. As the Netflix MCU shows fade away under the spotlight’s glow of Disney+’s star-studded lineup, Jessica Jones could at least leave us remembering how great they could be at their best. - Riley Silverman


A Daughters of the Dragon spinoff series

Both the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series were good vehicles to help establish both Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as the crime-fighting duo we know and love from the comics. It’s past time for them both to have their own show together, especially since both Luke Cage and Iron Fist have been canceled. A Daughters of the Dragon series can definitely fill any voids left by both of those shows. Plus, we would finally get all of the Misty Knight and Colleen Wing we can handle, which might be an overload but it’s perfectly okay. How could one not want more of the bar fight scene from Luke Cage or the straight-up ass kicking from Iron Fist? Right. Not to mention the amazing friendship between Misty and Colleen; we could totally use more of that. Hello, bionic arm and swords, yes please. If the MCU is truly headed in a female-driven next phase, then it just makes sense. Daughters of the Dragon or bust; give these two a show, you cowards. - Stephanie Williams


That Dragonriders of Pern movie we’ve been promised

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. promised us a movie franchise based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Fans like myself freaked out. We’re finally at the point where we can do CGI characters convincingly, and the telepathic dragons who routinely save the world are something that deserve the big screen treatment. We’ve heard nothing since, despite the studio getting the rights to all 22 books. Sure, McCaffrey’s romances can be problematic, but no one expects a direct book-to-screen adaptation. Listen, anything would be better than that awful video game from 2001 in which you couldn’t do any dragon riding! Dragons are always popular, and fans are chomping at the bit. This year we even got a new novel in the series from Anne’s daughter Gigi McCaffrey. It’s time, by the egg of Faranth! Bring us dragons and Thread and Lessa and Menolly, and even that jerk Fax! - Jenna Busch


Kamala Khan in the MCU

In 2019, the current team of Avengers will finally see their endgame and it will be time for the new blood to step into the roles as earth’s mightiest heroes. Marvel’s set the stage for this by giving us Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel, but we’ll need more than that. We’ll need Kamala Khan… a Pakistani-American teen who is arguably Marvel’s most popular new character in recent history. Created by G. Willow Wilson and Sana Amanat, Kamala exploded onto the scene in 2013 and was an immediate hit. She’s been called the new generation’s Spider-Man, mostly because a very relatable teen who is dealing with real-life coming of age issues all while being a secret superhero who still lives at home with her parents in Jersey City. This isn’t to say that because we have Spidey, we shouldn’t have Kamala. Give us both! They’re drastically different people, aside from the age, and let’s be real, Marvel could do with some real Asian-American representation in a leading role. All I want for 2019 is for Kamala Khan to be in the MCU. - Preeti Chhibber


Cap getting that dance with Peggy in Avengers: Endgame

Captain America’s (Chris Evans) beard is sadly no more in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, but his compass complete with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell)'s photograph is still in his possession. This glimpse of Peggy in photo form has only added to the speculation about Cap’s fate, which in turn has led to talk about the long-delayed dance Steve promised Peggy back in the 1940s. The nightmare version of this date was seen in Age of Ultron, a cruel tease hinting at the world Steve missed out on. Not that Peggy wallowed in her heartbreak; the short-lived Agent Carter didn’t turn her into a spinster with eyes for just one man. Peggy lived a full life, but Steve left a mark on her heart, as she did him. Will Steve die and they’ll reunite in the afterlife? Or is time travel going to come into play? Either way, a Saturday night date at the Stork Club is long overdue. - Emma Fraser


A fitting end for Princess Leia

2019 will see Star Wars Episode IX, and the final appearance of General Leia Organa. Leia inspired a generation of young women who, in the 1970s, didn’t really have any female heroes to look up to. She rescues herself and everyone else. She’s fearless. She’s clearly harnessed the Force as we saw in The Last Jedi. After how much she’s meant to us over the years, we want to see a fitting send-off. They’re using footage that the late Carrie Fisher filmed for earlier films, but she passed before filming anything for this one. Please, give us a tribute to Leia’s bravery and strength. Show us that you love her as much as we do. Give her the hero’s send-off she deserves. Maybe also, give us a hint about the story you would have given her if our Carrie had lived. Excuse me, I have to go weep into my Yoda pillow now. - Jenna Busch