BloodList 2017

The 2017 BloodList features the year's best unproduced genre scripts

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Since 2009, The BloodList has curated a competitive annual list of the best unproduced genre scripts. Founded by Kailey Marsh as a horror/sci-fi/weirdo alternative to The Black List, another long-running script list known for featuring a bevy of future Oscar winners, The BloodList runs from Halloween to Halloween until its 13 winners are selected.

This year, according to Collider, The BloodList added a category for “unrepresented talent” called Fresh Blood Selects. Ten rookie writers had their scripts selected through a free-to-enter submission process that garnered almost 500 screenplays. A perk of this initiative, besides granting an opportunity for unknowns to break into the notoriously elusive career, is that it offers the scripts of the winners to download on their website -- be it for a studio executive or a horror hound on their coffee break.

The BloodList has featured the scripts that would later become “Arrival, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, The Shallows, and...The Babysitter,” which bodes well for this year’s winners, as the genre-based writing competition is clearly picking up steam and industry attention. While the Fresh Blood Selects are available to explore fully on The BloodList’s site, their main winners include projects featuring former Nazis hunting Nazis, rebellious teen girls facing horrors, and a tech company paying dying people to haunt houses.

While many of these films have sold (some to Sony, others to Hammer Films or Cinelou Films), others remain available for purchase. Perusing the list may reveal future horror hits or, as in the case with Arrival, knockout Oscar-winning sci-fi.