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Credit: Marvel Comics

The 700th Avengers issue just added Blade to Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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Nov 14, 2018, 2:50 PM EST

The 700th issue of Avengers (technically #10 — out today) certainly ends on quite the surprising high note with the return of a classic character you'd hardly expect to see, Marvel's in-house vampire exterminator Blade. The Avengers run is currently handled by Jason Aaron, with art by Adam Kubert, David Marquez, Ed McGuinness, and Andrea Sorrentino.

In the final pages, Janet van Dyne (aka the Wasp) finds herself in the moon-soaked Carpathian Mountains, where she evades security bats at Castle Dracula, located in the part of Romania that once was Transylvania. She eludes the guards that want to drain her of blood and makes it into a dungeon cell, where Blade himself (still wearing his shades) is hanging by some chains. Janet offers him a place on the Avengers.

Blade's response? "Get me my swords."

"Good Answer," replies the Wasp. 

Blade Avengers #700

Credit: Marvel Comics

It's a wickeldy awesome twist in a book that's chock full of amazing characters, artwork, and action. In addition to Blade, Phil Coulson, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Namor, Thor, Iron Man, Ursa Major, Black Panther, Captain America, General Thunderbolt Ross, the Squadron Supreme (of America), the Winter Guard, and more all show up for the fun. 

Similar to the events of Civil War (the movie, not the comic arc), Cap has an argument with Ross at the Lincoln Memorial about putting the Avengers under the jursidiction of the U.S. government. Rogers sticks to his guns that the superhero team is an independent entity that does not answer to any higher power. 

There's also an interlude with Robbie Reyes and Odin, Loki hanging out with the Celestials, and Loki meeting with Wolverine, who thanks him for helping bring the Avengers back together. 

We'll get to see Blade spring into action when Avengers #11 goes on sale Dec. 12.