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The Alien: Covenant Honest Trailer is definitely honest and pretty damn funny

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Aug 8, 2017, 8:00 PM EDT

If you were hoping for an Honest Trailer about Alien: Covenant, the wait is over. The team at Screen Junkies has created a brutally Honest Trailer that honestly makes me happy I waited to watch it on home video. Because, wow, they are savage. Laugh-out-loud-multiple-times kind of savage. So yeah, if you liked the movie, you may wanna buckle up for this one.

My favorite sin this movie supposedly commits is "having shower sex in a horror movie." Come on, that's basic Horror Movie 101, right?

Regardless of how you feel about the flick, this new Honest Trailer is great for a laugh. So take a look and enjoy, but please keep it civil in the comments, 'k?