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The Arrowverse almost suffered an Identity Crisis instead of traveling to 'Elseworlds'

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Dec 12, 2018

This week featured the annual Arrowverse crossover event. Titled "Elseworlds," Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Superman teamed up to stop a deranged scientist from rewriting reality. From Oliver and Barry swapping lives and powers to the introduction of Batwoman and Lois Lane, this crossover was full of easter eggs. However, traveling through these different “Elseworlds” was almost not in the cards for our heroes.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly for the Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds bonus footage, Arrow consulting producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that our heroes would have instead been suffering from an "Identity Crisis."

"Oliver and Barry swap lives. [However], what does that mean? What do we call this? We had a list of names, and one we almost went with was Identity Crisis," said Guggenheim.

Of course, Identity Crisis is a 7-issue 2004 limited DC Comics series written by Brad Meltzer and drawn by Rags Morales. The story centered around the death of Elongated Man’s wife, Sue Dibny, as well as the revelation of one of the darkest secrets in the history of the Justice League.

Guggenheim went on to talk about why this title would have been a mismatch for the crossover: "The problem is that Identity Crisis is another different iconic DC story. While the title would work perfectly for this, it would be false advertising, because we’re obviously not doing the Brad Meltzer, Rags Morales Identity Crisis story."

With the altering of reality within this year's crossover, as well as a visit from the Earth-90 Flash (John Wesley Shipp — yes, Earth-90 because he’s the Flash from the 1990 series), it makes more sense to call the event "Elseworlds." Would it be cool to see an adaptation of Identity Crisis? Yes, it would, but there are too many factors missing within the Arrowverse to get the complete story. Ralph hasn’t met Sue yet. There is still technically no Justice League. Oh, and there’s that tiny itch that never goes away for these shows: the lack of Batman.

We know for a fact the title for next year’s crossover is "Crisis on Infinite Earths." "Elseworlds" set it up beautifully by introducing both the Monitor and the Psycho Pirate, two of the main players of the classic comic series. Psycho Pirate even says the tagline for the event straight from the comics, "Worlds will live, worlds will die, and the universe will never be the same."

These characters lead us to believe that The CW will be as truthful to the comic series as it possibly can. While that’s awesome for the fans, that doesn’t bode well for all the heroes in the Arrowverse. Fall of 2019 can’t come fast enough.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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