The Atom has his own tiny little Easter egg in Justice League

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:03 PM EDT (Updated)

You almost need an electron microscope to see it, but easter eggs like this one are the kind of stuff that makes movies based on comic books so much fun.

Mind you, it’s best not to take it as anything more than an itty-bitty shout-out — at least for now — but it seems that Justice League’s growing reputation for folding in tons of fan service also includes an oh-so-fleeting, easy-to-miss reference to the Atom.

A very dedicated Reddit user who goes by the name of naelps singled out the apparent reference, screen-freezing the movie’s frantic S.T.A.R. Labs scene to zero in on one of the lab’s computer terminals. Appearing there is a name familiar to fans of DC’s short-lived Brave New World comics series from the mid-2000s.

The highlighted name is that of Ryan Choi, who’s among the most recent in a line of scientists in DC lore to take up the Atom moniker. First introduced in Brave New World, Ryan Choi was probably the best-loved thing about that cycle, headlining a spinoff 2006 series — The All-New Atom — that ended up dispensing with his character after 25 installments in an unceremonious fashion that irked some fans.

If you want to see the most current screen portrayal of the superhero with diminutive skills, though, it’s probably best not to get your hopes too high for a DC film treatment anytime soon. For now, your best bet is likely to remain on Legends of Tomorrow on The CW. Unlike the Brave New World series, though, Legends’ Atom isn’t Ryan Choi; it’s his instructor and predecessor, Ray Palmer.

Despite facing headwinds from critics and at the box office, Justice League is getting a bit more love from longtime DC fans for exactly this kind of reason: Avid comics geeks treasure all this film’s little homages to its comic book source material.

It’s not a stretch to think that more easter eggs like this one are still waiting to be discovered in Justice League. Have you spotted any? If so, we wanna hear about it — give us (and everyone else) a heads-up in the comments below.