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Credit: The Jimmy Kimmel Show

The Avengers get unnecessarily censored by Jimmy Kimmel and it's hilarious

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Jul 19, 2019, 5:01 PM EDT (Updated)

We thought we'd found all of the best videos when The Avengers: Infinity War publicity tour dropped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show, but it turns out there's one we missed. We are, however, correcting this egregious error now by sharing this Avengers compilation that contains unnecessary censorship––which ultimately makes it 100% better.

It's amazing what a bleep in the right place can do to a sentence. The timing on some of these is sheer perfection.

Again, we realize we dropped the ball on getting this to you as soon as humanly possible and, for that, we're really %!@(#!$ sorry.

Someone get a bar of soap. The Avengers have a really bad case of potty mouth.


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