The Avengers: Infinity War trailer's most exciting images

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Dec 18, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

Avengers: Infinity War is sure to be one of the biggest events of next summer. It brings together an unprecedented number of superheroes (played by the hottest celebs) in one movie. An achievement in world-building, the film will be 10 years in the making, the culmination of 18 movies (Black Panther hits theaters in February). This isn't just an exciting event for fans, but for Marvel Studios as well. Nevertheless, we've got quite a ways to go until that excitement is on full display on May 4. 

But there's no need to wallow in sadness for the next six months. There's enough hype in the movie's first trailer that's just waiting to be explored. With that, here are the most exciting frames in the Infinity War trailer.


The establishing shot

We open on an orange-tinted planet with a distant sun shining the distance. This is exciting because it sets the stage for the cosmic-heavy plot of the movie. The greatest heroes of Earth and the galaxy at large are dealing with forces far beyond their wildest dreams and the bleak distance of the opening frame is an acknowledgement of that.


The floating ring of doom

One Infinity Stone to rule them all. One Infinity Stone to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Seriously though, what is that circle chilling in the sky next to the Chrysler Building? It can't be the language of the aliens from Arrival, so what is it?! A closer shot reveals they've got some kind of red track on the inside. It's always cool to see world-ending devices juxtaposed next to real-world landmarks.


Tony can't deal with it

If ever you want to get awe across in your movie, zoom in on a character as they slowly remove their glasses. Instant sign that something's wrong — and it takes quite a lot for Tony Stark to shut up and look frightened.


Thanos strutting out of that wormhole

Look at him, walking out of that portal like he owns the place. No fear, no hesitation. Just murderous determination and a slight smirk, which might make him the greatest MCU villain of all time.


Spidey springs into action

Peter's got his new Avengers-issue hero suit and ready to kick some butt on one of those mysterious rings.


Thor in trouble

Whatever Thor is struggling with here, it makes for a cool shot with enough lens flares to appease J.J. Abrams.


(Hulk) bust a move

Not only is Tony bringing back the Hulkbuster, he's bringing it to Wakanda! Since a rampaging Hulk isn't his problem for Infinity War, what purpose does this added armor serve?


Pow! Right in the kisser

Black Panther and Captain America punching aliens in the face on the field of battle is something you didn't know you needed until this very moment.


Thanos is not a fan of kids

The Mad Titan proves he isn't a fan of kids in this shot of him slamming Spider-Man to the ground in a chokehold. Come to think of it, he's not a fan of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or anyone who isn't Thanos, really.


Major headache

Infinity War is all about Thanos' twisted quest to gain all six Infinity Stones, no matter the cost (he's been really bad at it so far, but clearly he's getting better). As a result, here's a scary moment of Thanos prying the Mind Stone right off of Vision's forehead with what looks to be Loki's staff from the first Avengers. He then adds to his gauntlet like a feather in his cap. The Mind Stone gave Vision life so he may be dead without it.


Two down, four to go

In this frame, Thanos has the Power Stone (purple) and Space Stone (blue). With the Mind Stone we just mentioned (yellow), he's got three and only needs the Reality Stone (red), Time Stone (green), and Soul Stone (color unknown).


KO punch

No contest as Thanos doesn't even use his gloved hand to punch Iron Man. He uses his unprotected fist!


Bucky Barnes to the rescue

This frame tells us a number of exciting things. Firstly, Bucky is out of his stasis. Secondly, he's got his other arm back. Thirdly, he's cocking a machine gun next to an army of spear-wielding Wakandan warriors.


Panther's got claws

T'Challa prepares to protect his homeland with some sharp-looking retractable claws. No fear in his eyes, he just brings his gloves up to his face, brings out the mini daggers, preparing for a fight. Oh, and there's Cap and Bucky in the background. Speaking of battle...


A hallowed field of battle

This shot shows us that it's not only Black Panther, Cap, and Bucky who are in the fray. We've also got Falcon and the Hulkbuster! Falcon is especially enthusiastic, flying in, guns a'blazing.


Converging armies

That may look like a large herd of antelope on the left, but it's not. It's a hoard of aliens and on the right, the Wakandan forces running to meet them. In a word, epic.