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The Batman director Matt Reeves says a script is well underway, filming could begin in 2019

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Turn that Bat Signal back on. Apparently Warner Bros. plans for a standalone Batman movie are in a very active state and — despite an endless series of rumorsBen Affleck may still be involved.

The actor, who has played the role in three DC Extended Universe films (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, plus a cameo in Suicide Squad), was at one point set to direct and star in a solo movie featuring the Dark Knight. He dropped out of directing early in 2017 and has shown ambivalence about playing the role for much longer. But Matt Reeves, who will be directing The Batman, says he is still in contact with Affleck about the film.

According to /Film, Reeves spoke to reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Thursday and said a script is due imminently. “We are working on getting our draft [in] the next couple weeks,” Reeves said after a session promoting his upcoming Fox drama series The Passage. “Right now, I’m going to be leaving here to go back to work on the script.”

The director (whose credits include Cloverfield and the last two Planet of the Apes films) added that production could begin in the first half of 2019: “What we’ve talked about is hopefully in the spring or early summer, something like that."

As for the plot, it remains unclear whether The Batman will be set in current DCEU continuity or if it might feature a Caped Crusader at an earlier time in his career. Reeves did confirm that the film will not be an origin story or an adaptation of the Batman: Year One comic book arc.

“I’ve talked about making it a very point of view noir-driven definitive Batman story in which he is investigating a particular case and that takes us out into the world of Gotham,” Reeves said. “I went on a deep dive again revisiting all my favorite comics. Those all inform by osmosis. There’s no continuation of the [Christopher] Nolan films. It’s very much trying to find a way to do this as something that for me is going to be definitively Batman and new and cool.”

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