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The Batmobile is getting a killer revamp in Batman: White Knight

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Aug 18, 2017

The Caped Crusader is riding into his upcoming Batman: White Knight comic in a new Batmobile, and it’s pretty metal.

Dreamed up by Tokyo Ghost and Rock Jesus illustrator and self-professed car fanatic Sean Gordon Murphy, who is so obsessed he can tell you exactly what kind of engine and mirrors are in any car he draws even if you never actually get to see them, this might be my favorite non-movie Batmobile of all time. It ironically takes its cue from the 1989 movie but then amps it up with some seriously hardcore elements.

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I wanted my Batmobile to be a cross between a rock tumbler and a sports car, like you would see elements from a Ferrari and a Humvee,” Murphy said. “This is a very different Batmobile. No matter what I threw at it, I wanted to keep classic elements. I wanted it to have the Keaton Batmobile [from Tim Butron’s 1989 Batman] profile.”

Murphy’s newest concept to zoom out of the Batcave draws on Keaton’s ride and rewinds to ‘70s models such as Chevy Novas. His partiality of that era in auto design combined with his love of cinematic Batmobiles shows in a retro-futuristic silhouette that drives close to the ground, monster wheels, sleek windows that look out at Gotham City like narrowed eyes, and “bat ears” that may or may not double as antennae.

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The artist is so into cars that he is almost supernaturally meticulous about how he draws the tires and wheels in relation to the ground when the vehicle is parked and in motion. His incredible sets of wheels like that don’t-mess-with-me motorcycle in Tokyo Ghost have made him known as “The Car Guy” in comics.

“Nobody had really taken up that mantle in comics, and eventually people started calling me ‘the Car Guy’ or ‘the Motorcycle Guy,’” said Murphy of his officially unofficial title. "That’s a thing I’m happy to run with.”

Murphy even put Nightwing in the driver’s seat of his own 1978 Datsun that he now calls his personal Batmobile.

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By the way, if you were wondering, the badass-mobile in Batman: White Knight  is supposed to have a Ferrari engine.

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