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The Beatles' Yellow Submarine cruises into a new comic from Titan

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Jul 11, 2017, 2:23 PM EDT

You may reside in a cool condo, townhouse, split-ranch or studi,o but The Beatles once lived on an awesome Yellow Submarine — well, at least in the famous 1966 pop tune and 1968 pop-art-infused animated film.

That iconic underwater submersible is surfacing in a brand-new comic book being published by Titan Comics next year, just in time for the cartoon feature's 50th-anniversary party.

Written and drawn by new MAD Magazine editor Bill Morrison, The Beatles: Yellow Submarine will retell the saga of John, Paul, George and Ringo voyaging to Pepperland to guard its people from the music-hating Blue Meanies and their Bonkers, Crazy Clowns, Snapping Turks and the notorious Flying Glove.

1968's Yellow Submarine movie, with its colorful Peter Max art designs, was produced without the direct involvement of The Beatles and was primarily a way to get out of a contractual obligation to United Artists. None of their voices were actually used in the film, except for a short live-action cameo at the end.


Titan Merchandise will also be releasing a treasure of vinyl Yellow Submarine collectibles in late July. This groovy "All Together Now" collection features two variants of the band, as well as Blue Meanies, the Apple Bonker and the Four-Headed Bulldog.



Titan's 50th-anniversary Yellow Submarine comic is due to hit stores by fall 2018.

Check out the psychedelic sample art in the gallery below and tell us if you'll be aboard the vessel when it submerges into the marketplace.

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