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The best Chris of 2019

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Dec 24, 2019, 1:03 PM EST

Now that 2019 is coming to a close, SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS is taking a long walk down memory lane and pulling some of our favorite moments of the year. Among those favorite moments? Any time a famous Chris did something worth talking about. You know we love a Chris, and so (in no particular order) we had to break down the best Chrises of the year.

Note: Some of them may be Chrises in spirit.

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Avengers: Endgame Thor sitting

Chris Hemsworth

Fans who were expecting a muscle-bound Thor in Avengers: Endgame were met with something a bit different than expected. Following his failure to go for Thanos’ head and the subsequent Snap, Thor sinks into a painful and realistic depression. As is often the case, that depression led to weight gain, so viewers were treated to a more Lebowski-esque take on the God of Thunder’s physique. Now, “Fat Thor” led to some cruel and insensitive jokes from some of his teammates, but Chris Hemsworth handled this part of his arc beautifully. As Thor navigates the world after he’s reached his lowest, we see Hemsworth nail a genuine sorrow that is often missing in our heroes.

Most importantly, even if he isn’t totally shredded, Thor is still worthy. He can still lead his people into battle, he can still summon Mjolnir, and he can still be the hero. As someone who has battled depression off and on for years, seeing that message conveyed onscreen was a g*ddamn miracle. Hemsworth fought hard to keep this version of Thor in the film, and you can see the compassion that he has for the character in every frame. Thor is still a hero, even when he’s dealing with some dark sh*t, and that is an awfully relevant message for today. We have no choice but to stan. - Alyssa Fikse

Chris Pine best chris 2019

Chris Pine

At the very start of 2019, Chris Pine said something I have thought about on occasion throughout the rest of the year. In a joint interview with Patty Jenkins for Variety, Pine discussed how working on Wonder Woman shifted his perspective:

"Being in the film and supporting a woman doing that job is kind of a dance between ego and soul. I’m not too proud to admit it and say that at times, I’d have 30-minute conversations with Patty; I’d look at her, and she was wonderfully patient. I’d realize it had abso-f***ing-lutely nothing to do with me."

As Steve Trevor, Pine is effectively playing a part normally reserved for a woman. To hear him articulate how he leaned into this notion rather than getting grumpy is refreshing, particularly his admission that his ego did initially get in the way. We love an honest dude who can get over his BS. This interview was to promote I Am the Night, a limited series Jenkins directed with Pine as the lead. Clearly working on Wonder Woman together was no nightmare. And I for one, cannot wait to see how what this Chris has in store for us during the WW84 press tour, particularly if he brings his sherbet-fashion A-game. - Emma Fraser

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

There’s only one clear winner in the best Chris debate this year, and it’s obviously Evans. Yes, his iteration of Steve Rogers gave us the kind of Captain America the world desperately needs, and that epic moment of his yielding Mjolnir in the last Avengers movie filled even the most cynical and jaded hearts with hope that not only Steve was worthy, but Evans — whose social media persona has leaned way the f*** into the actor's liberal political beliefs — was too, by association. Most importantly, it gave us America’s Ass, which then went on to portray America’s Assh*le in Knives Out. These two roles perfectly encapsulate the dichotomy of Evans: he’s both that earnest, hot athlete that actually gives a sh*t and a Masshole with morals. But the real reason Evans is the best Chris isn’t because of any of the above. It’s because of his dog, Dodger. Dodger sings, has a best friend that’s a stuffed lion, and overall makes Evans look better than any vibranium shield or white cable knit sweater ever could. Dodger’s the real star of that family (sorry, Scott) and I volunteer as tribute to write a children’s book starring him and his stuffed lion, which Chris can then use his Disney contacts to adapt into a movie. Basically what I’m really saying is Dodger is the best Chris. - Cher Martinetti

Christopher Plummer best chris 2019

Christopher Plummer

Chris Evans might have the sweater, but Christopher Plummer has had our hearts since playing Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Now, more than 50 years later, Plummer's tearing up of the Nazi flag has become a go-to gif, which doesn't say a lot about the state of Twitter but is indicative of how beloved Plummer remains. In Knives Out, despite being dead for the majority of the action, flashbacks reveal his twinkly-eyed presence. There is both a warmth and a ferocity to his turn as patriarch Harlan Thrombey, which underscores why he is a figure (no matter if it is fictional) we turn to in times of Nazi-flag ripping turmoil. - Emma Fraser

Chris Messina best chris 2019

Chris Messina

Defining Chris-dom for the past decade has been an exercise in understanding where Hollywood is and where it wants to go. We spend all our days dissecting the best Chrises not solely because of thirst — although that is a big reason — but because we want to see what the entertainment industry prizes and will invest in. The big four have been at the forefront of blockbuster stardom for ten years now in varying ways, but now we must look to the future, and that is why we must pull Chris Messina into Best Chris territory.

Messina doesn't really fit the full mold of what we look for in Chris-dom: He's not been elevated to megastar via franchises, his most notable work is in TV and indie films, and, crucially, he's a brunette. However, that only means we must pay greater attention to what he has to offer: His impeccable rom-com chops in The Mindy Project, his stellar turn in Sharp Objects, his status as one half of an underrated power couple with producer Jennifer Todd. He's a Chris that's going places and that potential is priceless. Besides, didn't you see him with that bleach blonde hair in preparation for playing Victor Zsasz in Birds of Prey? We did. And we appreciated it immensely. Messina is a Chris for the future! Suck it, Pratt. - Kayleigh Donaldson

Kit Harrington Best Chris 2019

Kit Harrington

Did you know that Kit Harington's real name is Christopher Catesby Harington? It is so painfully upper crusty that it's no wonder he's descended from actual English royalty. And much like his character Jon Snow, he didn't learn his real name until he was older (he went by Kit and was surprised to learn that his real name was actually Christopher). With a story that charming and adorable, he was clearly born to be a Best Chris.

Love it or hate it, there's no question that Kit had an epic year. He not only reprised his role in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, but he had his curtain call in the final season of Game of Thrones. Which, thankfully, in answering the question book and TV fans alike have had for years, we saw Jon Snow live and set off to build his own life, free from expectations. And all of this was capped off by the announcement that he'll be joining his fellow Stark Richard Madden in next year's Marvel's The Eternals. Our boy has been busy! - Sarah Brown

Kristen Stewart Charlies Angels photo call

Kristen Stewart

In the race for Best Chris, I think we need a little more for the WLW set, don’t you? And who better than an unsuspecting queen like the one and only Kristen Stewart? Stewart has long been on the Best Chris list of our gay lady hearts but it was in this glorious and terrible year that she truly claimed her crown with her scene-stealing turn in Charlie’s Angels.

Sure, there are Chrises who are adored for their chiseled looks, their love of animals, or their goofy personalities, but Kristen Stewart (both herself and in her role as Sabina) really is the total package. Kind, endearing, badass, and a ball of charisma worthy of Shane McCutchen and the hearts of women she left in her wake. When the day is long and the nights are hard, we could all use what Stewart brought to the table in 2019: a beautiful dummy. A puppy in soft butch clothing who just wants to stroke your hair, rock your world and take out the bad guys that are ruining your day. - Tricia Ennis

Kristen Bell Best Chris 2019

Kristen Bell

There's no question that 2019 has been Kristen Bell's YEAR. From the small screen to the silver screen to the streaming screen, it seems that she's gracing us with her presence wherever we look. And honestly, we aren't worthy. It's hard to believe that's it's been more than 15 years since Kristen first stole our hearts as the darkly quirky Veronica Mars. And while the reboot wasn't all I wanted it to be, she brought her A-game to an older, darker, more cynical Veronica and knocked it out of the f***ing park. And while she was an utter delight in her reprised role as Anna in Frozen 2, it was her role as Eleanor Shellstrop on The Good Place that completely stole the show this year.

It's impossible not to root for her, and it's clear she finds so much joy in what she does, as evidenced in her interview with E! News earlier this year:

"You know what? I'm just really forkin' grateful. I really am. I mean, there's no other way to say it. I don't know why people let me do the things I do, I'm just so happy to be here."

Kristen has the hair, the humor, and the charm of a Chris. But most importantly, she has the heart, and that's what really cements her place on this list. And it doesn't hurt that she's one of few Chrises on this list to have the honor of receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. - Sarah Brown

Tom Holland best chris 2019

Tom Holland

I’ve been beating this particular drum for a few years — stemming from a red carpet interview in which the male stars of the MCU were asked to play FMK with superheroes. Everyone got kind of weird and squicky about it except our favorite zennial (is 1996 a zennial?) Tommy Boy. He, without missing a beat, was like f*** Thor, kill Cap, marry Star-Lord. Which, sure. Those answers are wrong, but it’s the heart that matters and that is the heart of a Chris who gets it.

Our boy is the perfect combination of earnest drama kid and relatable disaster, and we love him for it. Also, he shook my hand and looked directly into my eyes once, which is more than I can say for any of those other Chrises. - Preeti Chhibber