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The best deals on PS4 for the week ending December 9

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Feb 5, 2019, 8:02 PM EST (Updated)

We know how it is. The day after Thanksgiving, you love hearing Christmas carols and holiday music. It’s so lovely and festive, and it reminds you of days of yore when you were clustered around the tree in your candy cane-striped onesies, wishing for toys. After you’ve braved the mall for a bit though, the sound of a jingle bell makes you want to punch an elf in the face. Just one more version of "Santa Baby," or Mariah Carey’s voice at the beginning of "All I Want for Christmas Is You," and all the wrapping paper is going to be shredded and the boxes are all getting filled with coal. We feel the very same. You know, everyone loves a gift certificate, and you can just get those in one big batch online. Instead of putting on those galoshes and trudging out into the show to hear yet another attempt to hit the high notes in "Oh, Holy Night," maybe you should just sit back and relax, and check out the best deals on PS4 for the week ending December 9.

PS4 is having a sale on The Elder Scrolls Online right now. It ends Monday, so grab these deals this weekend! The Elder Scrolls Online Collection is out right now for $39.99, down from $79.09. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is $19.99, down from $39.99. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Upgrade is $19.99, down from $29.99. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Collectors Edition is $29.99, down from $59.99. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Collectors Edition Upgrade is $19.99, down from $39.99, and plain old The Elder Scrolls Online is $9.99, down from $19.99. 

PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS is on sale right now for $59.39, down from $89.99. You can pre-order PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS Survivors Edition for $49.79, down from $59.99. Daker 18 is only $40.19, down from $59.99. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is $38.99, down from $59.99. Agony is $19.99, down from $39.99. Constructor is $11.99, down from $39.99. Baila Latino is $8.99 for PS Plus members, down from the original $29.99. Metro Redux is $5.99, down from $29.99, and Dead Island Definitive Collection is $11.99, down from $39.99. 

The games might be a little sparse this week, but the movies aren’t. PS4 is also continuing its Holiday Binge Sale. Right now you can pick up Office Christmas Party for $9.99, down from $14.99. Jingle All the Way is $7.99, down from $14.99. Crazy Rich Asians, which isn’t a holiday movie but is definitely a wonderful film and a total must-see is $3.99. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer may be inappropriate according to recent news stories, but you can grab it to see for yourself for $4.99, down from $9.99. Daddy’s Home 2 is $9.99, down from $14.99. Elf 2-Film Collection including Buddy’s Sing & Cheer Along Edition is $9.99, down from $12.99. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is $6.99, down from $14.99. The animated film Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas is $7.99.

If you’re not really in the holiday spirit, you can pick up Batman Ninja with English audio starting at $3.99. (All film prices are what they’re starting at in this section.) Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (dubbed) starts at $3.99. The underrated and beautiful anime film Your Name is on sale for $3.99. Batman, the one with Michael Keaton, is out starting at $2.99. Man of Steel starts at the same price, and so does Independence Day: Resurgence. Grown Ups is out for $8.99, and Batman: Assault on Arkham starts at $3.99. Batman & Robin starts at $7.99 and Constantine with Keanu Reeves starts at $2.99. Green Lantern Extended Cut starts at $6.99. Hook starts at $2.99 and so does Predator and Prometheus. Justice League starts at $7.99. 

So, which games and movies are you going to use to distract you from shopping this week? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @SYFYFangrrls

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