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The best deals on PS4 for the week ending November 11

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Nov 8, 2018, 2:30 PM EST

We know. You’re either playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or reading endless articles about it. You’re either wandering the landscape on your fancy horse and feeding him sugar cubes while gazing at the astonishing weather patterns, or you’re ferreting out the rogue women in the game to get a look at the kick-ass ladies of the past. Hey, it’s Warrior Women Month, so hanging out with Black Belle is a great way to spend your day.

PS4 assumes you’re doing this, so the game deals are a little light this time around, but there are still some good ones out there. That said, you’re going to need a break here and there, and there are some pretty fantastic (and by fantastic, we mean less than three dollars) movie deals this week. Check out the best deals on PS4 for the week ending November 11, and tell us what you named your horse. Ours is Tater. 

EA Sports UFC 3 is on sale right now for $19.79, down from $59.99 with PS Plus, or you can get the Deluxe Edition of the game for $26.39, down from $79.99. Human: Fall Flat which makes an appearance almost every week is out for $5.99, down from $14.99 with PS Plus. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection is on sale for $16.99, down from $49.99 with PS Plus. Your membership will get you lots of good Assassin’s Creed deals. You can get Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gold Edition for $14.99, down from $49.99, Assassin’s Creed Unity for $8.99, down from $29.99, and Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered is $17.99, down from $29.99. You can also get the Assassin’s Creed Triple Pack: Black Flag, Unity, Syndicate for $35.99, down from $89.99. DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE is $19.79, down from $58.99 with PS Plus. ARK: Survival Evolved is $19.99, down from $49.99, and ARK: Aberration is $9.99, down from $19.99. These are both with PS Plus. Yakuza O is $15.99, down from $19.99 with PS Plus, and Need for Speed Payback is $11.99, down from $39.99 with PS Plus.

That’s it for the games this week, but boy, oh boy we have great movie deals! The Darkest Minds is out for $4.99 right now, and Dumb & Dumber is $7.19 with PS Plus. Logan is $10.39 with membership, but other than that, everything else on this list is only $2.99. Yup! You can’t even get coffee for that these days. This means you can stock up on pretty much everything cool and get that break from calling everyone “Partner.” Oh, and PS Plus members save 10 percent on movies right now. 

Okay, so here are the movies you can get on the cheap! Feel like boning up for Creed II starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone? Of course, you do. If you haven’t taken advantage of the Rocky deals in the past, you can do it right now. Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, and Rocky Balboa all fall under this deal. These films are definitely worth a rewatch before the new film. Creed isn’t on special, sadly. Right now you can pick up Focus with Margot Robbie and Will Smith. You can also grab Collateral Beauty for the same price. Transcendence is on the list and so is American Wrestler: The Wizard. Blended is $2.99, and so is Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow. You might remember this Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise film from the second half of the title, but it was called Live Die Repeat everywhere else in the world. Much better name, of course. Edge of Tomorrow sounded like a soap opera and the film is definitely worth a watch. 

Mad Max: Fury Road is in on the deal and everyone needs some Charlize Theron in their life. We're The Millers is in here, as well as Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The 5th Wave was surprisingly good, and though it won’t get a sequel, it’s a fun one to check out. The Shallows is on the list, as well as The Brothers Grimsby. Why Him? is here, as well as Assassin’s Creed. Dude Where’s My Car? is a good throwback flick, and the amazing story of Hidden Figures is on here too. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is only $2.99, and so is The Night Before. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, it’s not just a dumb comedy about a bunch of guys on a night out before the holidays. The film actually flips a lot of that genre’s stuff on its head, and Michael Shannon’s performance is not to be missed. 

So what are you guys playing and watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @SYFYFangrrls.

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