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The best-dressed men of genre

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Jan 22, 2018, 1:02 PM EST

What, did you think we'd pay tribute to our favorite best-dressed ladies of genre and leave out the dudes? Nothing doing.

Whenever there's a chance to thirst over Jeff Goldblums, Fangrrls will be there. Watching... waiting... night gathers, and now my watch begins. We pledge our lives and honor to the altar of Jeff Goldblum's hotness, for this night and all the nights to come.

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Mohamad, Van Helsing

Van Helsing: think ecological disaster meets zombie outbreak, but with vampires. A small band of survivors escape Seattle together to try to find their lost loved ones, or at the very least a safe haven. Among the eclectic group is Mohamad, a young man who has survived being out in the vampire world alone more than once. He rocks his Nirvana t-shirt, a steel-tipped spear or a machete, and a generally positive outlook while fighting alongside his friends and allies against the tide of vampire terror. - Sierra


Xavier Dolls, Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp and her team of friends fight to end the Earp curse by sending the revenants haunting the Earp line back to hell. Xavier Dolls is the only member of the team from the Black Badge Division, a government agency that deals in the paranormal. He also just so happens to be a genetically enhanced human with some (shall we say dragon-like?) abilities that have something to do with his military record. Dolls is a total bruiser and dresses like the hero he is: clean, sleek, and sexy af. - Sierra

Hollywood Montrose (Meshach Taylor) covers his car - Mannequin (1987)

Hollywood Montrose, Mannequin

Just read the name—Hollywood. Montrose.—and you know that Meshach Taylor’s character from ‘80s camp classic Mannequin is going to give you some good looks. Or eye-watering looks, depending on your own personal preferences towards sartorial drama. Go Fug Yourself once described him as looking like “he just skipped off the set of a children’s television program on which he plays an adult five-year old named Art Brush who is friends with Music Jones and Books Shields and Math Johnson and they team up to use their special skills to solve problems like how to share crayons,” and look, they're not wrong. But that's why we love him. The glasses! The blazers! The loud printed shirts! The loud everything! You can tell that this is a free-thinking, free-spirited man, which is good considering he’s working closely alongside a man who eyeboinks life-sized dolls in his spare time. - Rebecca


Doc Holliday, Wynonna Earp

Doc Holliday—yes that Doc Holliday—is another member of Wynonna Earp’s team. He was cursed by a witch and stuck in a well for 130 years prior to the beginning of the series. When he comes out of the well and reenters society, he retains his sexy, late 1800s, gentleman-cowboy look that rivals Dolls’ sleek modern appearance. He may be a man out of time, but damn, does he look good. No wonder so many of the folks in the Ghost River Triangle swoon for him. - Sierra


Bobo Del Rey, Wynonna Earp

Bobo Del Rey, who used to be the much less suave BFF of Wyatt Earp, is the big bad of Wynonna Earp's first season. He’s the gang leader of the revenants living in the Ghost River Triangle and has the swagger to prove it. Bobo rocks a white patch in his beard and a fur collar that shows how few f*cks he gives. He’s a maniacal SOB, but his panache makes him seductive (and not just to viewers). - Sierra


David Levinson, Independence Day

The most iconic look sported by Jeff Goldblum (The Man. The Myth. The Legend.) throughout his four-decade career is Ian Malcolm’s all-black ensemble from Jurassic Park. Because, well, obvious reasons. But I contend that his Independence Day couture has historically been quite under-appreciated by the thirsty masses. This is the ‘90s boyfriend you wished you had. The glasses. The puka necklace. The white tank. The artfully tousled hair. And, best of all, the flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, hanging open to give the masses the merest glimpse of a dusting of chest hair. We'll, uh, ignore the khaki cargo pants. - Rebecca


Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

In Bryan Fuller’s visually sumptuous Hannibal, the eponymous cannibal has a grand appreciation for aesthetics, be it food, elaborate murder tableaus, or the art of dressing. Hannibal’s love of the finer things in life is evident by the care that goes into his expensive wardrobe, a wardrobe so texturally lush that I and a costume technician friend of mine almost laid down on the ground in public because it was too much to think of. As a character, Hannibal isn’t simply well-costumed; he’s purposefully well-dressed in a way that communicates the boldness and the fastidious of the character. He stuns in three-piece suits in bold patterns and color combinations, such the black and red windowpane suit (that inspired yours truly to purchase her very own windowpane suit!), and jacquard paisley ties tied with thick double Windsor knots. And, of course, the well-dressed cannibal is never without a bespoke plastic murder suit to protect the suit layer beneath. That’s Hannibal for you; always remembering those precious little details. - Clare


Theseus, Immortals

Sometimes it’s as much about what you’re not wearing as it is what you are. And, well, look. Far be it from me to minimize the contributions of the legendary Eiko Ishioka to the costume design of Tarsem Singh's Greek mythology epic. All the clothes worn in Immortals—whether it’s Luke Evans’ shiny gold cape, Mickey Rourke’s vagina dentata helmet or Freido Pinto’s lamp hat—are bizarre in the best possible way. But when you have a bod like Henry Cavill's, sometimes you just gotta let the abs and hipbones do their own talking. The best designers know how to edit.


- Rebecca