The best faces Winona Ryder makes in Stranger Things

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Gather around, wee younguns, and hear a tale. Winona Ryder was an icon for most every human being circa the late '80s and most of the '90s. Then, in 2001, she was arrested for shoplifting while under the influence of prescription medications and was put in actress jail for the next 15 years, basically.

But thanks to Stranger Things and her character, Joyce Byers, we have our precious Noni back. And all 46 million of her faces. Many of which she shared at the SAG Awards early this year.

But as Joyce, Ryder gives us face, face, FACE for every occasion. Occasions like ...

When '80s technology is deeply limiting. From phone cords ...

... to camcorder tapes. So small.

Although Joyce clearly has other issues with phones unrelated to the technology itself.

As we enter the holiday season, Joyce gave us a full range of emotions. Like when you first see those twinkly lights ...

And then when it's time to take them down and you're like "What was I thinking putting all this sh*t up?"

And those times when unexpected visitors show up with presents and you didn't get them anything, your house is a mess and you haven't showered, but it's like, whatever, come in I guess.

Finally, that thing when you're at dinner with your family and your racist uncle starts talking about NFL players kneeling and you're just like "NOOOOOOOO."

Because she fully empathizes with those of you hosting your families.

There's faces for those times you realize your significant other is a well-meaning goober.

And you're just waiting for them to realize that you're a total mess while they're just chilling contently with a Dr. Pepper like it's nbd.

But as good as she is at polite internal screaming, no one is better at actual screaming. Be it at crappy ex-husbands ...

Or evil science men.

But it's her measured rage that hits hardest. That's some mom power.

We love all of Winona's perfect faces, but her best is her smile. Which is pretty rare on this show.

In fact there might be only face we're not sure Winona is capable of making. Luckily, Chester has us covered.

We feel you, Chester. 

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