The best kisses in sci-fi and fantasy

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Feb 14, 2018, 12:03 PM EST

It’s February 14, the day of loooove, or something. In any event, it’s a time to think about kissing a lot. Sci-fi and fantasy have some of our favorite kisses of all time, so let's celebrate Valentine's Day with some good kisses, presented in no particular order.


Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters


Magnus, played by a wonderfully glittered-up Harry Shum, Jr., and Alec (Matthew Daddario) can’t help but be attracted to one another and you can see all of their angst and want in this gif. Look at how Alec grabs Magnus' lapels. Look at it


Clarke and Lexa, The 100



The head of an army and public enemy number one. Somehow angst makes for some great mouth-on-mouth action. Lexa reaches for Clarke, and her hand coming up and around on the back of the neck? Aye dios mio. These two ladies are doing the damn thing and I could not have been more thrilled when they finally got together on The 100.


Princess Leia and Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back


The sight of a young Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher sequestered away on the Millennium Falcon and kissing in a closet launched a thousand shippers. We had to wait until the Empire Strikes Back, but boy was it worth it. He leans down, she looks up, and then history is made. And also the beginning of Kylo Ren, so this one comes with a grain of emo-ness.


Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Spider-Man

It was the upside-down kiss that melted hearts around the world. She peels his mask down just enough to get to lip-locking, but who knew that mouths could fit together upside down? Probably one of the most parodied kisses on this list, Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst making out while blood rushed to Spidey’s, ahem, head was instantly iconic.


Captain Kirk and Uhura, Star Trek

Captain Kirk certainly had a way with the ladies, but kissing Uhura on the original Trek series actually made history. It’s not necessarily a technically great kiss (it’s a little face-smashy, let’s be real, and I blame Kirk), but it was the first interracial kiss ever shown on television and we are better off for it.


Aragorn and Arwen, Fellowship of the Ring


In the extended edition of Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, Arwen and Aragorn stand in magically lit, beautiful garden, on a bridge and have the most fantasy-of fantasy kisses. She’s an elf, he’s the future King of Men, and their love for each other is palpable.  (Not included on this list is this atrocious kiss from Return of the King in which Aragorn goes in tongue first. No thank you, sir. No thank you.)


Fishman and Eliza Esposito, Shape of Water


There’s no clip available yet, but… I mean. I… had to include between Doug Jone’s Fishman and Sally Hawkins’ Eliza in Shape of Water. There was a point while watching this film in the theater where we as an audience collectively realized what we were watching and that we were all in it together and that we were all very into it.


Wesley and Buttercup, The Princess Bride


It’s a perfect kiss. In a perfect kissing book. Cary Elwes and Robin Wright gave us all unrealistic expectations for romance, and honestly, I can’t even be mad about it. That kiss is so epic.


Waverly and Nicole, Wynonna Earp


Now this is a first kiss. Look at the scarf going around those hands, pulling her in to where she wants her. The start of something new! I highly, highly, recommend watching the full clip.


Jack Harkness and John Hart, Torchwood


Kissing! Immediately followed by punching! Hate-mance! Hate-mance! Hate-mance! I want them to kiss, but I want them to punch! It is very confusing, but it is also very great. Who can say no to Captain Jack Harkness? Not Captain John Hart, that’s for sure.


Takeshi Kovacz and Quell, Altered Carbon



Takeshi and Quell are rebels fighting for a cause but they're also very, very attracted to each other. And we finally get to see how that started. Renée Elise Goldberry and Will Yun Lee have actual sparks—can't you see them?  


Luke Cage and Misty Knight, Luke Cage


I know, they're not the end-goal couple, but everything about this is excellent. Misty walking in and owning the room, Luke waiting for her to get to him. The camera angle just a little bit sneaky. Simone Missick and Mike Coulter have incredible chemistry in this scene, and it should have been longer.


Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2


One quick dishonorable mention because the kiss between Ron and Hermione in the eighth Harry Potter movie was painfully disappointing for something that was so long awaited. Ron’s head is in the way. It's so dark. We can’t see the kiss. What is the point, even!


This list is not exhaustive, so please sound off on some of your favorite kisses in the comments because we can always use more kisses in our lives. Even if they're on screen. And not with us. Except in our imaginations. 

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