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The best Stranger Things Halloween costumes (so far)

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Oct 29, 2017, 11:04 AM EDT

Another Halloweekend has come and gone, and if your mind isn't flayed from all the Stranger Things costumes out on the streets, then kid, you just ain't celebrating right. With the release of Season 2 on Netflix, SYFY WIRE is documenting the best Hawkins-themed cosplays that we could Dig Dug up from the salt mines of social media, and we dare anyone to beat our high score (looking at you, MadMax!). From Eleven to Dustin to the Demogorgon, we got em' all. Just don't let the last one near your cat unless you want Whiskers to become some Fancy Feast for a monster from another dimension. 

With that said, crank up your space heaters, pop some Eggos into the toaster, prep your Proton Pack, and get ready to slow dance to some Cyndi Lauper as you look upon these awesome costumes and store them to your Now Memories. Please step into the Upside Down of Halloween with us.

Vee hope it doesn't suck! 

The classic Eleven look

The classic Eleven look (sans nosebleed)

Barb & Eleven, complete with blonde wig and box of Eggos

Pour one out for Barb. 

It's all in the eyes

Eleven transcends gender

Leggo his Eggos

This epic Stranger Things/GLOW mashup (The '80s level is over 9000!)

Was sure nice of Hopper to leave those in the woods

Will The Wise

Dustin, stop trying to make Demo-dogs happen

Nancy Wheeler meets Wednesday Adams

A tale of two Elevens (that makes 22)

She's our friend and she's crazy!

Uhh, you know you have to pay for those, right?

You have a collect call from Will Byers. Would you like to accept the charges?

Dude's even got the missing teeth. That's some commitment!


Family of the year 2017

Friends don't lie!

Gone but never forgotten


Want an Eggo, Georgie?

Her phone bill must be huge

A luckier Eleven

Can you please investigate those rotting pumpkins instead of drinking on the job?

It's all in the Farrah Fawcett hairspray


The gang all grown up

That's a meta costume right there

We want to be a part of this family. Can they adopt us?

Every breath you take...

D'Artagnan in the streets, Demogorgon in the sheets

He likes the cold

Don't get Eleven mad, you won't like her when she's mad

El's had enough of your sh**, Demogorgon

Looks like you guys could use a Zoomer

Clever girl

All my friends are Eggos take it slow

That's some fine improv

The crushed soda can was a nice touch

If you would like to reach the Upside Down, please hang up and try again