The best TV episodes of 2015: Gotham, The Walking Dead, The Flash, and more

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Dec 29, 2015

There was a lot of television to watch in 2015 – as in, literally too much to watch. Back in August, FX Network estimated more than 400 television series – original, scripted prime time, English-language shows – would air in 2015. You simply can’t see it all in our lousy 365-day year, and as the new golden age of TV continues, an astounding amount of genre shows dominating the landscape.

So, we all must make tough decisions on what series to watch now, binge later, or maybe skip entirely. For us to say there are only a handful of best episodes out of that 400-plus number of shows is impossible. But – from what our Blastr crew watches – we pulled a few that stood out for us this year. These are episodes that either thrust a series forward, or were so good they stood alone.

Check out our thoughts and let us know what you think were the year’s best eps.

“The Last Laugh”
The second season of Gotham has been delightfully bonkers, and this episode sells it all. A gala for the city’s upper crust is hijacked by Jerome and Barbara (Cameron Monaghan and Erin Richards chewing scenery like nobody’s business), posing as a magic act. The duo would alone make this installment a treat, as it combines the manic tone of Tim Burton’s Batman with Batman: The Animated Series. While this show might have a hard time introducing a mysterious, psychotic character such as The Joker, the character of Jerome channels the best of Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson as a proto-Joker, and introduces the idea that, just maybe, Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime is more an idea (like Batman) instead of just a man. Meanwhile, Richards continues to be her own version of Joker; compelling, crazy, and immensely interesting to watch. Beyond that, Sean Pertwee as a flirtatious Alfred, who still kicks butt, is a high point. And even Bruce gets to be caught up in derring-do. This is certainly an episode that establishes the kind of show Gotham wants to be from now on, and while it may have its detractors, I think it perfectly situates these characters in a bizarro Gotham City where a Batman may be needed down the road. – Aaron Sagers


“Heaven Sent”
Doctor Who
Doctor Who’s Twelfth incarnation, played by Peter Capaldi, is the most caustic, least cuddly Doctor since Colin Baker’s portrayal as the Sixth. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. When his companion Clara Oswald was killed, her death became his obsession. As we saw in the remarkable episode “Heaven Sent,” he chiseled away at a diamond prison with his bare hands and died again and again, just to reach the people responsible. It took him <gulp> 4 billion years. For Clara, the Time Lord traveled through time the long way around. And with that, he became the most loyal friend in the universe. – Carol Pinchefsky


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