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Summon The Birch's terrifying Treebeard monster with our exclusive clip

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Dec 9, 2019, 3:51 PM EST (Updated)

After releasing a tantalizing teaser and a full-length trailer, Facebook Watch horror series The Birch has already showed off plenty of spooky images justifying its jump from CryptTV to a 15-episode series.

The J. Casey Modderno-written series about a supernatural being sought by victims of bullying, abuse, or other torment isn’t just resting on its excellent creature design and scary, Slender Man-esque relationship with teens, virality, and obedience. It’s all about the summoning process and the viral ways in which it spreads — not just the grisly fate of those that actually meet the creature.

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive clip of The Birch’s premiere episode showcasing the methodology of contacting its terrifying Treebeard, and it’s a mix of Blair Witch, Unfriended, and The Ring.

Check it out:

Well, that’s not good. Anyone with non-horror levels of common sense would’ve stopped watching around the point when someone starts reading aloud. That never goes well, and it certainly won’t go well for the video’s bloody-handed Evie Grayson (Xaria Dotson) — especially since she’s taking notes. Blood and the belongings of her victims...that’s all you need to sic this monster on folks. The show promises multiple perspectives over the course of its season, so there should be plenty of light shed on its mythology as the danger grows near.

The Birch launches on Facebook Watch Oct. 11.

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