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The cast and creators of Future Man tease more tomfoolery in Season 2

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Oct 6, 2018, 9:05 PM EDT (Updated)

The future is now, and unfortunately, it looks pretty crappy. Luckily(?), we have a hero that will try to save the world in Hulu's Future Man. Today, the cast and creators traveled forward, sideways, and backward to the main stage at New York Comic Con to talk about the new future and what to expect in Season 2.

After thinking the world is safe at the end of Season 1, Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson) wakes up from a simulation, captured by a group called the Pointed Circle. They are in the midst of creating a weapon that will destroy the world. It's up to Josh, Tiger, and Wolf to stop it, if Josh can convince them he's not full of it.

Today at NYCC, fans were treated to the first episode of the new season, before the panelists took the stage. Episode 1 found the three teammates separated. "I felt like separating the team and bringing them back together was a great story to start Season 2," said producer Ben Carlin, while noting they wanted to see how the characters would react to this new world individually first, before bringing them together.

Wolf (Derek Wilson) finds himself enjoying this new future, with a family of multiple husbands and wives. His new extended family led to the discussion of Wolf's pansexuality that was apparent during Season 1. Hutcherson seemed keen with the idea of his character having that type of personality: "Josh (the character) is a very open-minded individual, so who knows where it's going to go. I just know I am along for the ride."

Tiger (Eliza Coupe) finds herself even further away from her teammates. Not only is she dealing with being a biotic, but she now has to deal with Stu Camillo (Haley Joel Osment). "I have a dynamic with Haley this season," said Coupe. While she didn't expand on it further, based on the show we are talking about, it's probably gross.

The cast looked ahead to what they were looking forward to during the upcoming season. "I'm happy the show called Future Man is finally in the future!" Josh mused. He also menttioned that he likes having a different journey this season: "He doesn't have a lot of those nice 'at home' moments."

Producer/Creator Evan Goldberg revealed that there would be a plethora of guest stars this year, including Timothy Simons (Veep), Will Forte (Last Man on Earth), Kristen Schall (Bob's Burgers), Kerri Kenny (Reno 911), and some guy named Seth Rogan (co-creator of Future Man).

The cast obviously had a lot of fun on stage talking about their show. It's that love and passion that makes Future Man's... future look so bright.

Season 2 of Future Man premieres on Hulu Jan. 19, 2019

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