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The cast of Roswell, New Mexico is obsessed with aliens

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Jan 16, 2019, 4:03 PM EST

When you hear the word "Roswell," you might first think of the show which aired on The WB from 1999 — 2001. But you probably also think about Rowell, New Mexico, a town best known for UFO sightings and the possibility of a governmental alien cover-up in the 1940s. Now in 2019, you may think of Roswell, New Mexico, the show on The CW which is set in the town and is obviously about aliens.

Last year we visited the set of Roswell, New Mexico to chat with the cast and of course, asked them about their feelings and thoughts on the possibility of aliens being real.

Do you believe in aliens?

Michael Vlamis [Michael]: 100 percent. It's way more interesting to believe in aliens than not to believe.

What do you think they look like?

That's really tough because I feel like it's imprinted in my mind to look exactly like that [points at green aliens] or just like really creepy, like the movie Signs, but I think they can look in all shapes and sizes, I think. Yeah, I don't think there's a specific alien look, you know, I'm a definitely on the unique look to the alien race. 

Lily Cowles [Isobel]: Absolutely. I believe in anything that Neil De Grasse Tyson believes in and he's all about aliens. I actually worked at the Museum of Natural History for a year and the astrophysics department there was like, they were so pro-alien and I was just like, it's a thousand percent real. My father was adamant that he had a UFO sighting. And um, yeah, a couple of weeks ago I took a pilgrimage to Roswell and I like, it was an interesting thing I was reading when I was like, what happened there in 1947? This is a mystery. There's some really compelling evidence. The evidence that compels me the most is how much they thought to cover it up. I was like, they doth protested too much. Something fishy happened in that town. But no, I definitely believe that there are, that there are some other life in the universe, whether or not it's here yet. I don't know. I'm hoping that we get to see that in our lifetime. I'm all about it.

Karan Oberoi [Noah]: You know, uh, a guy came to our house the other day, fix the light and he casually said, oh yeah, there's, there's, yeah. We saw we were living off by the side of the road and there were a couple of, uh, uh, you know, we saw some UFOs and, I was like you know, go, go, go, go back. He was talking about seeing celebrities in New Mexico. And then he said, no, there was, yeah, we have UFOs too. Um, and he goes, oh yeah, they're just, they're just there. They're out there. So do I believe in it? Yeah. I believe in everything. I mean, yeah, sure, you know, but I don't think it's what we depict on, uh, you know, past films and movies and shows where it's like a weird head or whatnot. I think that there could be a form of a form of, um, human species, so to speak. There's different kinds.

So you're an alien.

No, (laughs) but I don't, who knows? Everybody could be, you know? We all could be a form of an alien, I think. I mean this show, I think it's like more of speaking of outsiders in a sense of the alien aspect of it. So I think everybody has some kind of outside mentality and could be alien.

Michael Trevino [Kyle]: It's funny because I'm such a like a, you know, into certain conspiracies regarding aliens… and like I'll watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel for days and I just, I really enjoy and almost, they have an AlienCon and there was one in Pasadena a few months ago and it's like a convention with all the reporters and everybody writes books and I was like, oh my God, I just wanted to go over there and like fanboy on all of them and, and check it out. So that's as far as like my sci-fi kind of obsession goes in regards to like Roswell and then dealing with aliens.

We hear that you are the big alien enthusiast.

Heather Hemmens [Maria]: (laughs) I am, I am. My family and I have been into aliens for a long time. I grew up in the Maine woods like way out in the woods and we would just stare at the stars and come up with different theories and there was this late night talk show that we used to listen to is still on today's called George Noory. If you ever catch it, it airs like 2:00 AM and it's the weirdest story. People calling in about their alien experiences and really it gets really, really weird. So when I first came onto the show I talked to Carina about it and I was like, listen, there's this show, George Noory and then all this other alien stuff that I won't get into it because it makes me sound kind of out there... More out there that I really am. But yes, I believe. I'm a believer.

Roswell, New Mexico premiered January 15 on The CW.

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