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The cast of Santa Clarita Diet talks Season 3 and whether or not they'd choose to be immortal

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Mar 29, 2019, 4:16 PM EDT (Updated)

Netflix's zomcom Santa Clarita Diet is back with Season three! To celebrate, the stars of the show hit the red carpet last night for a premiere event, and while there, they stopped to chat with SYFY FANGRRLS about becoming immortal, subverting tropes, and the love between the characters on the show.

As we saw in the latest trailer, one of the central plot lines in the upcoming season is whether or not Joel will let Sheila bite him so they can live together forever (awwwww), so FANGRRLS asked some of the show's stars whether or not they'd choose to be immortal. Skyler Gisondo, who plays Eric, said he'd totally do it.

"You'd get a lot done. You'd eat a lot of tacos. You'd read a lot of books. See a lot of movies. See a lot of history," Gisondo said.

Can you say #relatable? Meanwhile, Malcolm Barrett (Timeless), who is a new addition to the series this season, said he wouldn't want to stick around this planet forever: "I just got to die, man. I don't have time for all of this. This is a lot."

He may be a newcomer, but Barrett said he knew what he was getting himself into when he signed on.

"I love the talent involved, I love [creator] Victor Fresco. I love seeing zombies and comedy and sort of... You know he has a really natural way of flipping suburban tropes on their head. You know what I mean? He's done that with Dinosaurs and Better Off Ted and he's just really good about that. So I immediately connected with the role."

Naturally, we also had to ask Olyphant whether or not Sheila and Joel would be improving their murder game in Season three. After all, they did make some modifications in Season two with the addition of a storage space dedicated to murders — but they did still keep some dead people in their home freezer, which seems risky. Olyphant told us they've made some improvements.

"Will they be better at it? Well they've gotten pretty good at it," said Olyphant. "Yeah, I think they've got it down. I mean they're not great, they're just... the problem is every time they get better at one thing the stakes keep getting raised and they've got bigger problems."

Santa Clarita Diet

Credit: Netflix

Over the course of two seasons, Eric and Abby's relationship has been in flux. But could Season three be the one when they finally get together? Gisondo was coy in his answer.

"We may. We may not. You never know. I feel like their friendship, they care a lot about each other and their friendship has grown and evolved a lot," he said. "They thought for a minute they were towing that line, and then they weren't. I think in my mind they have a secret agreement they'll get married when they're 30. But for now, it always seems like there's too much going on to think about, 'Hey, are we gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend ...' It's more just caring about each other, being good to each other and seeing what develops organically."

Joel and Sheila's relationship seems pretty solid and is key to hoping for them to stay out of jail despite the fact that they're, uh, murderers. Luckily, Joel is Sheila's biggest cheerleader, and Olyphant took a moment to praise Barrymore for her work as well.

"You know, she's just so willing to just embarrass herself, and that's kind of what the job calls for but it's very difficult to actually do that," he said. "And it's very refreshing to be around someone who's so willing to be vulnerable or to put herself in what is not necessarily the most flattering light. Because it's real, and it's very appreciated. You don't come across it that often."

Part of the reason why Barrymore is so able to throw herself into the role could be because Barrymore's best friend, Cameron Diaz, said that Sheila reminds her of Barrymore more than any other character she's played.

"I think Sheila is a real delight," said Barrymore. "And she's empowered, and she's funny, and she likes to grab life by the balls and wants to show everyone that they could have everything that they want. But at the same time, she just wants to love and protect those that she loves. There's such a strange dichotomy of like badassery and protective loyalty in this show."

Santa Clarita Diet skillfully balances the line between gory, heartfelt, and absurd. It's refreshing to see a show take on zombies and the undead in a comedic way. Plus, a middle-aged woman is the central character of this zombie comedy. The more you think about it, the more groundbreaking and unique it seems to see a show like this on its third season. When questioned about a lack of females leading comedies on television, Barrymore thinks women are killing the comedy game.

"I think actually women are doing incredible in comedy right now and this is a great time for women," said Barrymore. "Without even the debate of man versus women, I just think this is a very cool, rich time for women. As much as I appreciate when women display their talent in drama because that is an important art, and I'm a Barrymore and I can talk generational loyalty to the art of that — I like a funny girl.

"And if any guy is out on a date with a girl and she's just too serious, I don't believe that he's having the best date. Everybody wants a girl with a sense of humor. I think you want a girl who also has like peace and groundedness and her priorities in the right place. I don't know, I feel like I got to do all those things in this character, so for me, I just bit right into it and never looked back."

Season three of Santa Clarita Diet is now available on Netflix.

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