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The Conjuring House brings players into film franchise's famous haunt

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Sep 27, 2018, 12:39 PM EDT

Ed and Lorraine Warren won’t be the only ones dipping their toes into the paranormal water of The Conjuring universe. With RYM Games’ new The Conjuring House, players can enter into the world made into a horror heavy-hitter by James Wan in order to decipher its evil mysteries on their own.

Spawning a film franchise entering its third movie, complete with prequels and spin-offs making more profits than some superhero movies, The Conjuring all started with the Atkinson House. No nuns, no dolls. Just a very haunted house. The game takes players back to these roots, putting you in the shoes of an investigator looking into the death of the house’s owner. And it’s no surprise that this death isn’t the last of the game — especially when the demonic woman inside rears her head.

A gameplay trailer, showing off horror that players can experience now after buying the game on Steam, highlights some moodily-lit creatures, spooky hands, and endless hallways of one of horror’s most famous houses.

Check it out:

So, yes, the game looks like it will borrow heavily from established horror franchises in both structure and aesthetic, but with a pedigree as deeply current as The Conjuring, it’s hard to ignore the franchise’s appeal in all forms — that is, until Wan’s team wrings it completely dry of evil.

The Conjuring House is out on PC now.