The Corbomite Maneuver + 3 more trippy Star Trek: TOS tribute posters

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Feb 4, 2014, 3:20 PM EST

With just one more set of four retro-chic Star Trek: The Original Series lithos by stellar artist and illustrator Juan Ortiz left, here's a fantastic new foursome for February. 

This month, the prolific artist salutes some of the spacey series' more famous episodes: The Corbomite Maneuver, Friday's Child, The Cage and Who Mourns For Adonais?, infusing each movie-style one-sheet masterpiece with elements of Balok's baby hand, classic Saul Bass title lettering, a Capellan cease-fire and the sleek '60s art of Shag.

Each startling series of four plate-printed lithographs is carefully delivered on 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper.   They measure 18x24 inches and cost $34.95 per set.  To check out Ortiz's previous two years' worth of wildly imaginitive posters, click here and follow the link back in time to absorb the awesome of them all.

Any of these all-star episode posters engage your inner geek?

(Via Star Trek)