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The Cosplay of SDCC 2017: Day 4

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Jul 24, 2017

As we've seen day after day after day, San Diego Comic-Con cosplayers are some of the most gifted costumers around. But they truly saved the best for last.

As you can see in this gallery of shots taken today, the last day of SDCC, fans went out with a cosplay bang, with costumes that cross the genre galaxy, from Rick and Morty, to Master Chief, to Cobra Commander, to Beetlejuice. It's a dizzying array of stunning get-ups, but can anyone beat the Alien vs. Predator duo above?

Check out our cosplay gallery from Day 4 of SDCC below to find out, and let us know which costumes blew you away!

Be sure to also check out our Day 1 gallery, Day 2 gallery, and Day 3 gallery, as well!

All photos by Al Mannarino Photography

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