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Wayward Sisters (Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Television)

The CW expanding to Sunday primetime programming could be charmed news for genre fans

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Feb 14, 2018, 10:35 PM EST

After almost a decade of a Sundays filled with affiliate programming, the night is being reclaimed by The CW’s original shows. The genre-favorite channel will launch a two-hour prime-time block of original scripted programming on Sundays for this year’s season of TV, adding to the five nights it already airs.

CW president Mark Pedowitz said that while approval for the move came from parent companies CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. in December, the idea of expansion began back in July. That’s because The CW has become a profitable section of the company, partly in thanks to streaming deals with Netflix for shows that have a stronger audience off-air than on. That said, with Sunday now open for original series, there will be much more opportunity for trailblazing in that regard.

With a new two-hour block, it’s likely that the Arrowverse and Riverdale will be joined by several new scripted shows, including some genre pilots like that of the planned Supernatural spinoff, Wayward Sisters. In fact, the network has ordered eight pilots for 2018-19, after only ordering six last season, with four making it to series. If those metrics hold out, that means out of the 20 original shows planned to air next season on The CW, five will be new.

Some of the new pilots definitely pique our interest, including the alien drama Roswell reboot, an alien manhunt comedy The End of the World as We Know It, sisterhood witchery in the Charmed reboot, and a buddy-cop ghost comedy, Dead Inside.

With a whole new night to fill, the odds are good that some of these oddballs will make it to full series orders and, eventually, onto The CW for your viewing pleasure. If the company’s successful business strategy works out, they’ll also likely end up on Netflix shortly afterward. This means more original TV in more places, much of it filled with aliens, witches, and ghosts! Who could ask for more?