The CW releases Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl sizzle reel for its DC shows

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Jul 23, 2016, 1:57 PM EDT

The CW is bringing a Justice League’s worth of superhero shows to San Diego Comic-Con, and put out a sizzle reel to remind fans the network is still the home for DC heroes.

The trailer doesn’t include much new footage, but does a good job of incorporating new addition Supergirl into the roster, and building some buzz for The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. It leans heavily on the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode that aired over on CBS last season, and seeing Kara tossed in alongside shots of everyone from Ray Palmer to Firestorm, it makes you wonder why this show wasn’t just on The CW to begin with.

For all the juicy new stuff, The CW’s SDCC panels for Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends all start hitting in the next several hours this evening. So, stay tuned to Blastr for all the coverage. 

All four shows will return to The CW’s schedule this fall.

In the meantime, get a feel for how all these heroes will mesh in the old-timer newsreel-style sizzle reel below and let us know what you think: