The CW starts Hulu live streaming with rollout of long-delayed service

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Mar 30, 2018, 8:35 PM EDT (Updated)

Way back in the summer of 2017, months before we had any idea just how live-tweetable The CW’s Crisis on Earth-X would end up being, the network had assured fans it would begin live streaming its content on Hulu. Well, that didn’t happen in time for one of the most-watched events in network history — but now it looks as though The CW, at last, is getting on board the live streaming train. Well…sorta.

Although cord-cutting fans in select cities are finally able to watch the network’s real-time programming even if they’re disconnected from antennae and cable packages, it’ll still take a while longer before Hulu’s Live TV package for The CW rolls out from coast to coast.

But hey, we’ve gotta start somewhere, and Hulu’s fresh announcement that eight U.S. cities have just been looped in to receive The CW’s live content sounds like as good a place as any — and, hopefully, it bodes well for the service to expand further, on its way toward total saturation.

According to Hulu, viewers in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Seattle, Sacramento, and Pittsburgh are now able to dial up The CW via Hulu’s Live TV service. It’s the first move toward cord-free live viewing for fans of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Riverdale (to name a few) since the network announced it would make such a service available in August of 2017.

Viewers who haven’t minded the delay already have been able to snag The CW’s content on an on-demand basis through Hulu and other platforms, but the long-deferred premiere of Live TV marks the first availability of true live streaming for any of the genre-rich network’s stable of shows.

Hulu pledges that it’ll “continue to roll out The CW live channel to more cities soon,” although it hasn’t revealed a timeline. Head on over to Hulu’s landing page for a quick zip code check to see if the newly-launched service is available in your area.