The CW's Arrow is about to make its biggest Batman connection to date

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

The CW's Arrowverse has loved dropping subtle easter eggs about Batman for years, but it’s about to take things a whole lot further. Turns out Oliver knows of Bruce Wayne, and has some theories about the way he might spend his evenings.

The network has dropped a new clip from the upcoming episode “Tribute,” which airs Thursday night, and in it Mayor Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) faces allegations that he’s secretly moonlighting as the Green Arrow. A picture showing Oliver in his costume has surfaced on the nightly news, and when Oliver shows up at city hall, there’s a gaggle of reporters waiting for him. As expected, Oliver is planning to deny, deny, and deny those allegations. He's picking up this politics stuff pretty fast, right?

Check out the clip below, and then we’ll break it down:

Yeah, that’s right. Oliver says anyone could be under that cowl — even Gotham playboy Bruce Wayne. By name. Has Bruce been kicking around Star City lately? Anyone know?

It’s obviously just an easter egg for fans and almost certainly means nothing, but it’s easily one of the biggest Batman-related moments in Arrowverse history. We’ve seen references to Wayne’s company on Flash, and Supergirl has dropped some references to Superman’s grumpy pal, but this officially solidifies the fact that Bruce Wayne absolutely exists in this universe. We obviously don’t know if he suits up and beats up bad guys during his evening hours, but it’s a major step toward eventually bringing a version of Batman into The CW’s universe if Warner Bros. ever decides to go that route.

Arrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.