The CW’s Arrow spinoff Legends of Tomorrow just added its own DC archer

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The CW’s new DC series Legends of Tomorrow already assembles an eclectic group of heroes (and antiheroes), but it turns out it’ll also have its very own archer. Look out, Arrow — you might have a bit of competition.

Previous casting reports had the series, a spinoff of The Flash and Arrow, searching for an African-American or biracial male actor who will take up arms in place of a missing hero. Comic Book now confirms that character will be DC hero Connor Hawke, who has served as both the Green Arrow and Red Arrow during his tenure. It sounds like he’ll be rounding out a roster that already includes The Atom, White Canary, Rip Hunter, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Hawkgirl, Firestorm and a few others.

Oh, one more thing: In the comics, Connor Hawke is also the son of Oliver Queen and his former girlfriend Sandra Hawke. Wait, what? Before you freak out too much, the report notes the small-screen version of the character will not be the son of Oliver and Sandra. So, that presents us with a few options.

This version of Connor Hawke could be the Green Arrow from an alternate universe, or perhaps the Green Arrow from the future (son of Oliver and Felicity, perhaps?). Or, he could just be some guy who decides to suit up and help save the world. As for the missing hero bit? That really has us curious. Regardless, this should make for a fascinating addition — and also provide some of that nifty archer action we’ve come to love on Arrow.

How do you think they’ll handle Connor Hawke? What are they cooking up here?

(Via Comic Book)